10 of the Best Honeymoon Destinations in 2023

While many tourists dream during their honeymoon to travel to wonderful destinations, the high costs may stand as a stumbling block in the destination of many, but with a little planning and the right choice of honeymoon, dear traveler will enjoy spending an enjoyable vacation among a group of distinguished options for the best honeymoon destinations in 2023 .

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  • Best honeymoon destinations in 2023
    • the moldive Islands
    •  Morocco
    • Mecca and Medina
  • Honeymoon Destinations in 2023
    •  New Zealand
    • Thailand
    • South Africa
    •  Italia
  • Honeymoon Destinations in 2023
    •  Turkey
    • Switzerland
    • Greece during honeymoon in 2023
    • These were the best honeymoon destinations in 2023, do you have more options, share them with us in the comments

Best honeymoon destinations in 2023

The moldive Islands

This country in the middle of the Indian Ocean has become a popular spot for honeymooners, and with the amazing resorts the Maldives has to offer, it’s easy to see why! Additionally, given the country’s predominantly Muslim population, halal food is plentiful, making this destination a more attractive option for Muslim couples.

Although the Maldives is not a cheap destination, but you can easily cut costs by traveling away from the high season and staying on one of the wonderful local islands instead of the private ones, and do not miss when booking any of the hotels in the beautiful resorts scattered around the different islands that make up the country, that Check the fees (if any) for transportation from the airport to your resort, especially since sometimes it is not included in the reservation and may cost you quite a bit


 This North African country is a haven filled with wonderful markets, beautiful landscapes, amazing culture, as well as diverse tourist attractions, which makes it one of the distinctive options for honeymooners in 2020.

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  In Morocco, you will have a lot to do, including visit the famous blue city of Chefchaouen if you have the opportunity, or you can go on a trip in the desert. Also, why not make the most of your honeymoon by staying in a riad (a traditional Moroccan house), which are amazing places that offer a great ambiance and would be perfect for a romantic honeymoon.

Mecca and Medina

It would be really amazing to start married life with a visit to Makkah, Madinah and Al Munawwarah, and you can check Islamic tourism agencies to see what options are available. Prices can vary greatly depending on the package you choose, the accommodations offered, the hotel you choose, and so on, so it’s important to walk around and decide what you’re looking for.

Honeymoon Destinations in 2020

 New Zealand

Imagine driving with your partner through some of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever see, or taking some of the most unforgettable photographs in New Zealand, well, these are just some of the things you can expect on a New Zealand honeymoon! This amazing country is a wonderful treasure to explore together. So if this sounds like your dream honeymoon, it’s time to start planning your trip.

Only if you are planning to do some of the extreme sports that New Zealand is famous for from skydiving to bungee jumping, paragliding and more, you will need to budget more for this as well.


Thailand remains a popular honeymoon choice for many couples, and it is no wonder, as this charming destination has a large number of wonderful islands, beach resorts for honeymooners, and delicious food, in addition, Thailand has a Muslim population that generally guarantees the availability of halal food. easily, especially in places like Krabi.

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With so many amazing islands in Thailand, you will have many wonderful options available that guarantee you to spend an enjoyable time in the lap of nature.

South Africa

South Africa has some of the most amazing sights to see; From stunning beaches, vibrant cities and even safaris, your honeymoon will be unforgettable.

While some may view South Africa as an expensive destination to visit, it is certainly not far off, as it is an ideal destination to visit throughout the year, with certain months for specific activities (for example, July to November being the best months for whale watching, While the summer months from November to February are nicer to go to the beach).


Honeymoon Destinations in 2020

 Italy was another popular destination that many travelers chose for their honeymoon, and while many tourists specifically chose Venice, Italy has a lot more to offer to its visitors; From stunning historical sights such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain to the coastal towns along the Amalfi Coast and of course the magnificent canals of Venice, Italy is sure to captivate and inspire you. Not to mention, the country is surrounded by romantic vibes, perfect for a honeymoon.

Honeymoon Destinations in 2023


Honeymoon Destinations in 2020

Istanbul has always been a popular honeymoon destination, as this city is popular for offering a wonderful cultural mix, with amazing structures such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, along with its stunning natural scenery, and amazing food.

And if you really want to plan a honeymoon in Turkey during the first half of 2020, the best time to visit is from April to May, when you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather. But if you want cheaper airfares, January would be a better month to visit as it is not the high season. And if you’re looking for something extra special for your honeymoon, why not travel to Cappadocia and take a hot air balloon ride? It will be a nice experience to share with your loved one.

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Honeymoon Destinations in 2020

Snow-capped Swiss Alps, lush valleys and beautiful beautiful cities are all surrounded by romance. Whether you are looking for a winter wonderland or want to visit the country in its warmer months, Switzerland promises you an amazing trip you will never forget.

Greece during honeymoon in 2023

Honeymoon Destinations in 2020

Santorini has become a great honeymoon destination for many, thanks to its famous blue waters and gorgeous white buildings that characterize this Greek island. But that is not all that Greece has to offer; There are wonderful historical sites to explore in Athens, delicious Mediterranean food to savor, and even the most beautiful beaches that dot the country’s coasts.

Greece also has a rich Islamic heritage, did you know that during the Ottoman rule, Muslims came and settled in Greece for more than 500 years? In fact, the pagan Parthenon in Athens was once a mosque. Suffice it to say, this country is great to go for a honeymoon with all the opportunities it offers to enjoy and at an affordable cost.

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