12 Tips before traveling and traveling to Japan

Simply put, Japan is a wonderful destination, enjoying a seamless blend of ancient traditions and new technology, featuring a wonderful array of attractions and entertainment venues. Those who visit it will find many ideal experiences awaiting them, and return from the trip with many wonderful memories, but in the beginning, get to know with us on A set of tips that will help you a lot before traveling and traveling to Japan.

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  • Tips before traveling and traveling to Japan
    • the language
    • Why does everyone wear masks in Japan?
    • Tips for traveling by train in Japan
    • Keep the roads clean
    • Tipping is not necessary
    • Ethics is a key feature of the people of Japan
    • Getting money from an ATM can be difficult
    • Wear shoes that you can take off easily
    • Japan is a safe country
    • Start researching before you travel
    • Best time to go
    • Spend more time in Kyoto instead of Tokyo

Tips before traveling and traveling to Japan

the language

The language barrier may be a problem for many tourists, but if you encounter it, you can easily overcome it through sign language, which will allow you to communicate with anyone whose mother tongue you do not know without the need to speak, and in Japan this is evident with many tourists who do not know the language Japanese. Some travel bloggers who don’t know the language of Japan say that by pointing, even in the remote backstreets, they are able to communicate with the locals and even ask them about a lot of things unknown to them.

For added reassurance, before we go, you can save some key phrases and things you might need to say, such as hello, thanks, please, I want, etc. Knowing that learning some basic phrases in a new country will be very welcome from Before the locals, it will give you more opportunity to interact with the locals and experience their culture.

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Why does everyone wear masks in Japan?

When you travel to Japan, you will see a large number of people wearing medical masks through their mouth and nose, at first, it will seem strange to you and you may wonder why they wear such masks, but you must know that Japanese people are always concerned about contamination and the possibility of transmission and disease, and therefore use these means to deal with viruses.

While others wear masks to protect their colleagues, due to their infection with a disease, as a way to prevent the spread of germs, especially in public places.

Tips for traveling by train in Japan

Don’t try to catch the train during rush hours, as the coaches are very crowded.

Trains are a quiet and peaceful place, so it is important to respect Japanese culture, to be calm and low-key.

Do not sit on the seats designated for the elderly, the disabled and pregnant women, and give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you.

It is inappropriate to eat and drink on the train, or listen to your music loudly, and talk loudly on the phone or to the person next to you.

Keep the roads clean

At first glance, you will notice that Japan is a clean and tidy place, and usually the locals and the government are keen on this, so do not throw your empty envelopes or trash on the floor, and work to keep the place you are clean.

Tipping is not necessary

People in Japan are very proud of the work they do and believe that the reward is your satisfaction with the service and doing their job well, so tipping in Japan is unusual, and workers may consider it an insult, so someone may work to return it to you again with informing you that you forgot it in a way error on the table.

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Ethics is a key feature of the people of Japan

Travel to Japan

When traveling to Japan, please be polite when talking to the locals, as well as hotel staff, shop or anyone, with a beautiful smile and use polite expressions to convey gratitude and appreciation, and in return you will find wide resonance from the people of the country who will meet you with warmth.

Getting money from an ATM can be difficult

While there are a large number of ATMs in Japan, it can be difficult to find one that accepts your bank card, so when you find the right ATM, I would suggest you get a larger amount of money to cover your expenses for a few days, no problem, you can keep what you don’t need in your hotel securely.

Knowing that Japan is largely a cash-based society, so most places do not accept your credit card, even groceries often only accept cash. This means that you will need to convert your money if you want to buy anything or eat, and it is best to convert cash into yen before arriving in Japan.

Wear shoes that you can take off easily

You should know that there are many places in Japan that warn of entering with shoes, so it is always best for you to wear shoes that are easy to take off.

Japan is a safe country

One of the best things that will increase your attachment to traveling to Japan, is that it is safe. This wonderful country has been on the top ten lists among the safest countries in the world more than once. Besides, Japan is a great place for a solo traveler, bearing in mind that this does not mean Not paying attention to your valuables, or staying in remote areas at night, always take precautions.

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Start researching before you travel

Japan may seem like a small country, but in fact it has a lot to offer to visitors, starting with wonderful places, charming landmarks, and interesting cities, and for this you will need when you travel to Japan for a long trip, through which you can discover this diverse country, and my advice to you, is to do before traveling To Japan by pre-searching for hotels, restaurants, trains, traditions and more, so that you can easily connect, immerse and enjoy a rewarding experience.

Best time to go

Although Japan is a completely beautiful place, and gives you an incomparable magical experience at any time of the year, but it is best to try to plan your trip in the month of April, in the spring season, when all the parks are decorated with flowers and trees, and when the sakura flowers bloom with the wonderful scenery that It is admired by all the tourists around the world.

Weather when traveling to Japan can vary greatly from one part to another and from one region to another, so always check the average temperature and precipitation in the area you plan to visit.

Spend more time in Kyoto instead of Tokyo

Kyoto is by far one of Japan’s most beautiful places. It hides a lot of beautiful temples, with countless sakura trees, and what makes it even more amazing is that the streets are empty, which allows you to rent bikes and explore the city until late at night, and this may Not that you are in Tokyo.

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