12 Top Tourist Attractions in Dubai for Travelers

Dubai is one of the cities with the largest population density in the United Arab Emirates, and the city extends over an area of ​​4.114 square kilometers. The 

landmarks of Dubai are exciting tourist attractions that made it one of the most famous tourist cities in the world, despite its very hot weather, this did not discourage many celebrities and tourists from heading to it during the holiday season.

Dubai landmarks

It constitutes an unparalleled tourist area of ​​luxury, elegance and sophistication, combining the finest hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and shopping centers.

And today we will give you an excellent tourist guide about the best attractions that you can enjoy seeing in the city.

Dubai’s most important landmarks

1- Dubai Museum:

Dubai MuseumIt is one of the main museums for which Dubai is famous, and this museum provides you with an insight into the history of the city. In this air-conditioned museum located under a wonderful fort, it is one of the oldest buildings in Dubai and dating back to 1787 AD, you will take a long step back to get to know the oldest eras that passed through the city.The museum is located in the southern region of Dubai Creek, at the lively Souk Al Kabeer area, so you can enjoy shopping after seeing the museum.

2- Al Bastakiya:

Al BastakiyaAl Bastakiya is one of the oldest historical neighborhoods known to Dubai. It is located in the Al Fahidi neighborhood in the east of the city and is open for visitors from nine in the morning until six in the evening.The neighborhood is located five minutes away from the Dubai Museum and there is a group of wonderful old buildings that used to be used for living in ancient times and that were built by Persian merchants.The neighborhood buildings are characterized by solidity and also include wind towers, which are the early form of adaptation and consist of gypsum and sand.The government worked to repair this neighborhood and save it from destruction, and today it is a distinguished art galleries.

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3- Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding:

This center is located in an old two-storey house and does a great job of introducing visitors and expats to Islam and Emirati culture and also offers a range of walking tours of the Kindergarten and Jumeirah Mosque tours including a bathing and prayer show.

The center hosts cultural meals, and these meals include an Emirati feast presented according to local traditions and Emirati custom. The staff also welcomes guests and offers tea and sweets. The house is located at 26 Al Salah Street, Al Basketiya District, and entry is free of charge.

4- Textile Souk:

Dubai textile market

It is one of the oldest sites in Dubai. It is a 10-minute walk from the waterfront in the city, and it is more fun in the evening with a large group of locals who buy and bargain in the market, and there are many recreational activities such as traditional traditional dancing and Rifle shooting competitions, which are held during the winter season and in the month of Ramadan.

5- Deira Market:

Deira Market

It is a more than wonderful market that includes many different sections. There you will find a section that offers many types of distinctive spices that are displayed inside the commercial spice shops. There are also souvenir shops scattered in abundance next to the spice shops.

Within the narrow corridors you will find a section of the wonderful gold works that are displayed in the gold shops and which are displayed in the glass windows of the shop.

 6- Al-Ahmadiah School and Heritage House:

Ahmadiyya School and Cultural Heritage House

The school is located minutes away from the Gold Souk in the small area of ​​Ras Al Khaimah, and it is a group of interesting museums that are located in the old residential buildings adjacent to the Ahmadiyya, which dates back to the nineties and is considered one of the most important historical tourist attractions in Dubai.

The school was the first school in Dubai and now it has become a distinguished museum that gives a look at education and entry to it is free.

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7- Jumeirah neighborhood:

Jimra district

It is one of the neighborhoods that characterize Dubai, and it is one of the old high-end neighborhoods. You will find in the neighborhood a group of low-rise villas with wonderful gardens. The neighborhood also includes the luxurious palaces of the sheikhs. One of the most famous landmarks in the neighborhood is the Jimra Mosque. There are a group of small commercial centers with Several cafes and restaurants are on the way.

8- Etihad Museum:

Union MuseumIt is an excellent new museum designed with a more than wonderful architectural structure. The museum tells the story of the formation of the Emirates City in 1971, how oil was discovered inside the city in the fifties, and the story of the British withdrawal from the city in 1968. The museum opens its doors to the public from ten in the morning until Eight in the evening. Do not miss a visit to the museum, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dubai.

9- Dubai beaches:

Dubai beaches

The city has many wonderful beaches and that is why most visitors love to go to the five star resorts in the city to enjoy the sharp white sands, beautiful blue waters and the many fun recreational activities available there.

The most famous of them is Jimra Beach, which is an exciting and distinctive experience. The water is nice and warm, and it is one of the most popular beaches in the city. It contains a fun range of beautiful water recreational activities. The beach also has facilities for changing and cleaning with showers and water sports equipment. And a group of sun beds, one of which can be rented, and near it you will find a group of restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

10- Madinat Jumeirah:

Cimrah City

It is one of the wonderful cities located within Dubai, and since it was opened, there are many wonderful shopping centers, the most famous of which are the luxurious Mall of the Emirates and the archaeological Dubai Mall. It is a more than wonderful shopping area where you will find many shops with international brands and a group of other carpet stores Brilliant.

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Not only that, but the city contains a wide variety of Moroccan, Asian and Italian cafes and restaurants.

11- Burj Khalifa:

Burj KhalifaIt is the most famous and most important landmark of Dubai. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It was built at a height of 828 meters in the sky, and the scenery from it is terrible. You can climb to it via a high-speed elevator that takes you in record time to the top of the tower, and from it you will see a more than wonderful panoramic group on the whole city. You will get wonderful 360-degree views of the sea and the skyscrapers surrounding the tower.The tower opens its doors to the public from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening.

12- Amusement parks:

Dubai parksThe city has many more amazing theme parks and entertainment venues as Dubai aims to become a global hub for Orlando theme parks competing and will open eight theme parks by 2019.And in Dubai there are many recreational places such as img worlds, which is the largest indoor park in the world and spreads over an area of ​​28 football fields and has many recreational activities, the most famous of which is horse riding.And in the south of the city, you will find Dubai gardens and its wonderful resorts, and you can also go on a beautiful walk to the desert through safari trips that are available there to the desert, where the Arab atmosphere and beautiful desert views.Here ended our report on the most important landmarks of Dubai and the tourist places that you do not miss to visit.

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