24 Stunning Photos of Algeria: Discover the Beauty of this Enchanting Country

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Today, we’ll transport you to Africa, specifically the territory of Algeria. With vast desert expanses, modern cities, and breathtaking landscapes, you’ll discover the country of the fennec foxes like never before through our selection of the 24 most beautiful photos of Algeria.

The vastness of the Algerian Sahara

Also known as the Great South of Algeria, the Sahara Desert covers 90% of the country’s land area. Despite being home to only about 10.5% of the population, the Sahara is a cosmopolitan region. It is inhabited by various nomadic and sedentary ethnic groups, including the Rebaïa, Châamba, and Tuareg. The desert’s extraordinary fauna and flora contribute to its mythical allure and provide opportunities for capturing stunning photographs.

Tuaregs crossing the Algerian desert - pictures of Algeria

Tuaregs crossing the Algerian desert – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – HEMZA LADJThe oasis of Djanet

The oasis of Djanet – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Med Lyes

Hoggar mountain range - Algeria pictures

Hoggar mountain range – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Morad art

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Architecture of the old Sahara in Bechar

Architecture of the old Sahara in Bechar – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ali Mehaoudi

Two fennec foxes resting in their burrow - photos of Algeria

Two fennec foxes resting in their burrow – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – iss-man

Algiers “the well-kept”

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Algiers is a capital city steeped in a rich and intricate history, boasting a breathtaking cityscape. As a port capital, Algiers holds a prominent place, but it is also a cultural hub where diverse religions, eras, and architectural styles converge and coexist harmoniously. The fusion of these elements renders Algiers a city adorned with treasures, offering a visual feast for the eyes.

View of Notre Dame d'Afrique, Roman Catholic basilica in Algiers

The view of Notre Dame d’Afrique, a Roman Catholic basilica in Algiers, Algeria, is truly captivating. The basilica stands as a testament to the architectural and cultural heritage of Algiers. Its imposing presence atop a hill overlooking the city and the Mediterranean Sea is a sight to behold. The photo captures the beauty and grandeur of this iconic landmark, showcasing the blend of European and Algerian influences that make Algiers such a unique and enchanting city.

Martyr's Memorial - Algeria pictures

Martyr’s Memorial – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Anton_Ivanov

Panoramic view of Algiers

Panoramic view of Algiers – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Dmitry Pichugin

Kasbah of Algiers

Kasbah of Algiers – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – BkhStudio

Monument to Emir Abdelkader El Djezairi

Monument to Emir Abdelkader El Djezairi – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Leonid Andronov

The historical region of Kabylia

Kabylie, a land of mountains, holds a significant place in the history and culture of Algeria. Located in the northern part of the country, to the east of Algiers, this region is renowned for its historical importance and its connection to the Berber heritage. The name “Kabylie” derives from the indigenous people who inhabit the area and have played a pivotal role in advocating for the recognition of Amazigh (Berber) identity.

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Kabylie is blessed with stunning natural landscapes and is home to several national parks that showcase its unique biodiversity. The picturesque scenery of this region offers a wealth of opportunities for capturing breathtaking photographs. From the majestic peaks of the mountains to the verdant valleys, Kabylie presents a visual feast for all those who have the chance to explore and appreciate its splendor.

Flowery plain in Kabylie - pictures of Algeria

Flowery plain in Kabylie- Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – BOUIZRI KAMALBejaia Beach

Bejaïa Beach – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – badiskharfane

The massifs of Djurdjura - pictures of Algeria

The massifs of Djurdjura- Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Alvarodz

Goulmime Lake – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – AHADDADfarid

Constantine, the city of bridges

Metropolis of the North-East of Algeria, Constantine is the 3rd most populated city of the country. Taking its nickname from the 7 magnificent bridges that cross the Rhumel River, the city also has a unique urban landscape. Capital of craftsmanship, the secrets of the art of embroidery, boilermaking and pottery are well kept there and reinforce the mysterious image that Constantine offers us.View of stone bridges and old houses on the cliff of Constantine

View of stone bridges and old houses on the cliff of Constantine – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Abdenour A

Canyon of the Rhumel river - pictures of Algeria

Rhumel River Canyon – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Leonid AndronovThe Sidi M'Cid bridge which crosses the Rhumel river

The Sidi M’Cid bridge which crosses the Rhumel river – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Leonid AndronovEmir Abdelkader Mosque - Algeria pictures

Emir Abdelkader Mosque – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – muath beragdar

View of the city of Constantine

View of the city of Constantine – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Mltz

Mishmash of Algerian landscapes

Since it is difficult to reduce this selection according to certain criteria, we offer you a hodgepodge of the most beautiful photos of Algeria. From Belezma National Park, passing through the mountains of the Aurès region and the beaches of Mostaganem, continue to travel discovering these Algerian nuggets…Belezma National Park in the Aurès region in Batna

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Belezma National Park in the Aurès region in Batna – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – MohamedHaddad

Celebration of the National Day on November 1, 2019 - photos Algeria

National Day Celebration on November 1, 2019 – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Sergey-73

Panoramic view of Chelia National Park in the Aurès region

Panoramic view of Chelia National Park in the Aurès region – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – MohamedHaddad

Annaba lighthouse

Annaba lighthouse – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – A Buldygina

Bouski beach in Mostaganem - pictures of Algeria

Bouski beach in Mostaganem – Algeria | Photo credit: Shutterstock – Ahmedmeg

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