5 ideas for cycling trips in the South West of France

If the car is still the most used means of transport, it must be recognized that for several years now, many people have been trying to turn to more ecological alternatives. We find in particular the bicycle, which is becoming more and more popular in everyday life. But not only: the bike can also become the perfect accessory for the holidays. Whether as a family, as a couple, with friends or even alone, you can indeed treat yourself to an incredible holiday accompanied simply by your bicycle. France is indeed full of magnificent regions that are just waiting for cycling tourists. We find for example the Sud-Ouest, which offers several itineraries, for all levels and above all to be amazed.


  • 1) Crossing the Pyrenees
  • 2) The Bordeaux wine route
  • 3) UNESCO sites
  • 4) The Canal du Midi route

1) Crossing the Pyrenees

Impossible to go on holiday in the South-West without making a detour to the Pyrenees . There are indeed several routes to be able to take full advantage of these incredible mountains , and especially for all levels . Often, when we think of mountains, we tend to believe that the difficulty is necessarily very high. However, it is possible to find routes that allow you to enjoy the landscapes without getting too tired .

2) The Bordeaux wine route

When we think of the South-West region, we inevitably think of the good wines of Bordeaux . It is indeed a must, which can very well be done by bike. As it is a rather special route, you can turn to an agency specializing in cycling trips which will therefore find you the perfect paths so as not to miss anything. Be careful, however, not to do too many tastings so that you can then ride your bike serenely.

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3) UNESCO sites

If you plan to go to the South West of France for a cycling holiday, you have chosen your place very well. Indeed, it is a place full of unique places , including some sites classified by UNESCO , especially in New Aquitaine. Absolutely fabulous places, which you can enjoy even more if you go there by bike .

4) The Canal du Midi route

This cycle route, which covers a total of 250 km, is the ideal place for lovers of beautiful landscapes and, of course, cycling. This is a secure route, as it is only accessible for non-motorized travel. It is therefore the ideal place for a beautiful walk , both alone and as a family with children.

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