5 lessons to introduce you to surfing in Guadeloupe

  • Initiation to surfing lessons in Guadeloupe
  • – Learn at your own pace
  • – Taste the first joys of skiing
  • – A first lesson to get started
  • Surf course to improve
  • – A course adapted to your practice
  • – A surf course to progress in your practice
  • Your successful surf lesson in Guadeloupe
  • – Where to stay in Guadeloupe to live these experiences?

Many surf spots are present in Guadeloupe and benefit from an enchanting setting, with beaches with tropical vegetation, white sand or a dark volcanic hue. Whether it is to begin in the discipline or to deepen your technique to upgrade your practice, you will find accessible waves in Guadeloupe that correspond to your level.

Between light foam and waves of several meters, you will easily find the place that corresponds to your desires to practice your favorite hobby. We recommend that you take lessons through a certified school , a guarantee of seriousness to start and progress. You will thus benefit from wise advice from the instructors and avoid technical seabed (corals and rocks) for a smooth learning experience .

The atmosphere of the spots combined with the good humor of the group will undoubtedly make you want to come back to surf in the Caribbean. Discover without delay our selection of the 5 surf lessons in Guadeloupe !

Initiation to surfing lessons in Guadeloupe

Learn at your own pace

surf lessons le mold in guadeloupe

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  • 📍 Location: Saint-Anne
  • ⌛ Duration: 1 hour
  • 🧺 What is included: surfboard, lycra + insurance
  • 💙 We like : the traveling school that adapts to the conditions of the day

Meet at Helleux beach in Sainte-Anne , a nice spot for a surf lesson in Guadeloupe. This course is intended to discover the discipline and to feel your first emotions when getting on the board. Founded by Jordan Oueslati, former competitor (11 times Guadeloupe champion and 2019 Landes champion), the surf school welcomes you to help you progress at your own pace, thanks to the advice of a surf instructor certified by the French Federation of Surfing .

The work in small groups allows a fine and qualitative analysis of the movements of each one and a personalized approach. The beach has a right and a left ideal for taking your first steps. The first waves are accessible without too much paddling and allow you to go straight without worrying about your direction.

Taste the first joys of skiing

surf lessons Saint-François Guadeloupe

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  • 📍 Location: Saint-François
  • ⌛ Duration: half a day
  • 🧺 What is included: insurance, transport to surf spots, surf equipment, cold drinks
  • 💙 We like : on Grande-Terre, the instructor picks you up at your accommodation

The surf school No Comply Surf School allows you to try out the joys of sliding . Your instructor, Olivier, holder of the state diploma, initiates you during a surf lesson in Guadeloupe, in complete safety , on the most beautiful spots of the island. Guadeloupe offers many spots to practice, with reef waves ideal for beginners and experienced alike.

In Capesterre-Belle-Eau, for example, you will benefit from a volcanic spot with the “Tortue”: right and left waves ideal for beginners, a beach break to recover in the foam or even the “Pointe” for experienced riders.

To learn surfing, the lesson begins with technical explanations on the sand. You will discuss in particular the safety instructions , the gestures to know for rowing, etc. After a workout on the beach, it’s time to take the plunge! You will pass the first foams and Olivier will explain to you how to slip under the waves. You will thus learn gently with the objective of succeeding in getting up from the board at the end of this initiation.

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A first lesson to get started

surf lessons in guadeloupe

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  • 📍 Location: roaming depending on weather conditions
  • ⌛ Duration: 1h30
  • 🧺 What is included: boards (Zeus) and insurance
  • 💙 We like : the possibility of filming his exploits

Surfing is an ideal sporting activity to combine sensations and proximity to nature . The traveling school adapts to the weather conditions and gives you an appointment for a few days at the spot. This vigilance allows you to benefit from an experience with optimal conditions to start in complete safety.

Quality equipment and small groups allow you to enjoy the first joys of skiing with a personalized experience . The monitor is equipped with the GoPro 9 and you will be able to request that it film your best waves, for an unforgettable memory!

Surf course to improve

A course adapted to your practice

Poyo Surf Club du Moule surf course

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  • 📍 Location: The Mold
  • ⌛ Duration: about 2 hours
  • 🧺 What’s included: All necessary equipment
  • 💙 We like : the multitude of accessible sites

Are you interested in starting surfing in heavenly conditions ? So follow Cyril, instructor of the Poyo Surf Club du Moule. Taking a surf lesson in Guadeloupe means taking advantage of the temperature of the water and its sumptuous landscapes to jump into the water with complete peace of mind !

Your instructor, Cyril, will provide you with a number of sound advice with a philosophy specific to surfing. Thanks to quality equipment , you will benefit from an experience adapted to your practice. The best period remains the months of September to April , with a superb swell in the north, especially on the magnificent spot of Port-Louis, suitable for all levels.

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To evolve, we recommend the waves at Anse Souffleur. The most experienced will joyfully confront the waves of Pointe d’Antigue or challenge the famous wave of the “surgeon”.

A surf course to progress in your practice

Book a surf lesson in Saint-François

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  • 📍 Location: itinerant
  • ⌛ Duration: 2 to 7 days
  • 🧺 What is included: drinks & snacks, transport, equipment, wetsuits
  • 💙 We like : combining Creole holidays and sports training

You are an experienced surfer and you want to progress in your practice? Olivier will guide you in your learning and will provide you with sound advice to improve your movements. You will be able to determine together the objectives to be achieved in order to perform in your practice of surfing.

This course is itinerant because the school adapts to the weather conditions, but don’t worry, you will enjoy idyllic landscapes in the best surf spots in Guadeloupe, especially in Saint-François and the Raisins Clairs beach.

The practice of surfing is accessible to all but remember all the same that it is imperative to know how to swim and that the courses are dependent on the climatic conditions. A surf school in Guadeloupe is to allow you to discover the activity, to practice in complete safety and to benefit from personalized advice . The surf atmosphere lends itself wonderfully better to the tropical setting , between cool-attitude, zouk and coconut trees. Ready for a new adventure? The best surf spots are waiting for you!

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