7 Truths Your Musical Taste Reveals About Your Personality

Music is a universal language that has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people on a profound level. Whether it’s the rhythmic beats of a drum, the soulful notes of a violin, or the powerful lyrics of a song, music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and shape our experiences. But have you ever considered that your musical taste might reveal more about your personality than you realize?

In this exploration of the intricate relationship between music and personality, we uncover seven truths about how the songs you love can provide insights into your inner self. From the energetic vibes of pop to the introspective melodies of classical music, each genre and preference unveils a facet of your character. So, let’s embark on a journey through the realms of musical taste and discover the hidden truths that harmonize with your personality.

Personality traits and musical preferences: Heavy Metal lovers are soft and creative

Saying “I love Slayer, Megadeth…and hugs” in the same sentence might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. According to musical psychologist Adrian North, who for three years conducted a large-scale study on the correlations between musical preferences and personality traits on more than 36,000 participants, lovers of Heavy Metal would be “delicate beings who have “basically the same personality” as classical music lovers.

Unsurprisingly, Heavy Metal fans are usually younger than classical music fans.

Classic fans are on average smarter

Réfléchie et complexe. Deux qualificatifs qui définissent aussi bien la musique classique que la personne qui en raffole. Selon la recherche du psychologue Dr North, les amoureux de musique classique sont créatifs, introvertis et ont d’eux-mêmes une très haute opinion. Les amateurs de musique classique perçoivent l’écoute comme une expérience théâtrale et partagent avec les amateurs de métal un «amour du grandiose», mais seraient en moyenne plus âgés et plus fortunés qu’eux.

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People who prefer classical music are also said to be smarter, at least according to a 2009 study that analyzed the links between students’ scores on the SAT test (which measures math, reading and writing skills). ) and their favorite musicians listed on Facebook. The study showed that students who liked Beethoven obtained an average of 1356, the highest average on this test.

And who was the favorite artist of people who performed worse on the SAT test? Lil Wayne. But don’t let that influence your opinion of hip-hop fans! As you will see over the next few pages, they indeed have several amazing strengths and qualities.

Personality and musical tastes: hip-hop lovers are more outgoing

Both energetic and rhythmic, hip-hop fans enjoy the social side of music. They prefer to dance, sing and have a social experience rather than staying locked up listening to their favorite music. Like rappers, hip-hop fans are said to be outgoing and have a high opinion of themselves, research from music psychologist Adrian North also tells us. Another study also shows that rap enthusiasts share a very particular tendency with Kanye West, namely that of talking a lot and very quickly… As soon as thought, as soon as said (sacred Kanye)!

Pop lovers are more sociable, but nervous

Pop music-loving people are said to be less creative and more prone to worry. Despite everything, pop fanatics remain sociable and have high self-esteem. Moreover, it should be noted that in general, extroversion is associated with a love of more joyful music.

Interesting fact: people who listen to the same hit album over and over again are more likely to use music to regulate their mood. It has been proven that the brain releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone, before the best part of a song we love.  

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Personality traits and musical preferences: rock lovers are sociable, but selfish

Rock enthusiasts are generally valiant and comfortable in their own skin. But they also have a darker side: they’re more selfish (anyone who’s tried to get a good seat at a crowded music show can attest to that!). Like pop lovers, rock aficionados can use music to regulate their mood, their favorite songs often being associated with intense moments in their emotional lives. Not all types of rock are created equal though. Indie music fans, on the other hand, would be rather creative and open to new experiences. Indie music lovers, however, are said to have low self-esteem and a poor work ethic.

Finally, punk rock lovers are intense, energetic… and not very empathetic.

Fans of folk, jazz, and blues are nerds

Like classical fans, fans of folk, jazz and blues are particularly thoughtful, open-minded and very creative. They conceive their political opinions in the same way as their new experiences: in a liberal way. They use music more to train their brains than their bodies. If you’re playing improvised jazz, you might even turn off some of your brain to unleash more creativity!

Psychology and Musical Taste: Country Lovers Are Both Humble and Conservative

It may not surprise anyone, but according to the results of a scientific study, country fans are humbled and empathetic. They are generally outgoing and often very hard working. They also confirm the stereotype that lovers of this musical genre tend to be politically conservative and less open-minded than other art and music lovers.

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