From north to south of the United States, and from east to west, there are little-known places that are really worth the detour. We have selected eight of them, to see absolutely during your next stay in our neighbors to the South.

The McDonald Observatory is a wonder of the United States

McDonald–Texas Observatory

Alamo, you know, but don’t miss… the McDonald Observatory
Close to Fort Davis, more than 240 kilometers from any major town, this observatory is perched at an altitude of 2,300 meters. It offers daytime tours, live sightings of the sun, and, three times a week, nighttime parties where visitors can use its largest telescopes to get closer to the stars. The calendar also includes a few exceptional evenings with dinner under the moon and an observation session at the observatory’s most powerful telescope in the company of a professional astronomer.

Windmills by artist Vollis Simpson are a wonder of the United States

Vollis Simpson Windmills – North Carolina

Biltmore Mansion, you know, but don’t miss… Vollis Simpson Windmills
Admire the giant mobiles of Windmill Farm, a collection of 30 spinning works of art created by ex-machinist Vollis Simpson.

The Cupid's Span is a simple and romantic piece of art, a true wonder of the United States

The Cupid’s Span – California

The Golden Gate, you know, but do not miss… the Cupid’s Span in San Francisco
Admire contemporary masterpieces and rediscover San Francisco with this infrastructure on the edge of the water, in the heart of the city. 21 meters high, this sculpture represents love, made by artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, a married couple. The impressive piece of art is undeniably worth a visit if you’re in the California town! And why not take the opportunity to take a walk on Lombard Street, which is one of the 10 most popular streets in the world .

Bishop's Castle is a wonder of the United States

Bishop’s Castle – Colorado

The Rockies You Know, But Don’t Miss… Bishop’s Castle
Exploring this nearly 50-meter-tall neo-Gothic mansion nestled at the foot of the mountains of the San Isabel National Forest is like stepping onto the film set from Lord of the Rings. This spectacular reproduction of a medieval castle has wrought iron gateways, brightly colored stained glass windows and a metal dragon’s head that belches flames from its mouth and smoke from its nostrils. Climb the maze of stairs and venture to the top of the tall towers. For nearly 60 years, Jim Bishop has accumulated and arranged thousands of stones to achieve this amazing construction, unfinished to date.

The Paynes Grasslands are a natural wonder of the United States

The Paynes Prairies – Florida

Disney World, you know, but don’t miss… the Paynes Prairie Preserve 
This 23,000-hectare estate is teeming with alligators, bison, horses and birds (270 species counted). Its eight paths can be traveled on foot, on horseback or by bicycle. Climb to the top of the 15-meter tower for a breathtaking view of the meadow.

Market barns are a hidden wonder of the United States

The barns-markets – Maine

The Freeport Mall, you know, but do not miss… the barn-market of the Red Barn Market & Design

Away from the road between Bar Harbor and Portland, flea markets camouflaged as farmhouses offer beautiful antiques at bargain prices. While the one at Red Barn Market & Design is popular, there are several others around the state of Maine. You can find their contact information on the Maine Antique Dealers website .

The Heidelberg Project in Michigan is a forgotten wonder of the United States

The Heidelberg–Michigan Project

The Penobscot Building, you know, but don’t miss…the Heidelberg project
Learn about street art in this Detroit neighborhood whose abandoned houses have walls with polka dots or numbers – when they are not dressed in fluff.

The Intrepid is a New York boat, little known in the United States

L’Intrepid – New York

The Empire State Building, you know, but don’t miss… the banks of the Hudson River
Bite into the Big Apple as you explore the quays and parks that line the river. Board the Intrepid , a WWII aircraft carrier, for a sunset cinematic screening just steps from the water.

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