On this blog “Discover the world – The blog of curious travelers” you travel with us around the world and discover beautiful places, cultures, stories but also mysterious places and some are even bizarre.

Why is it important to travel?

To meet people, to discover the world, to laugh to improvise, to face different situations, to have extraordinary memories to enjoy life, to see the wonders of this world to change our view of our environment, to surpass ourselves to live to laugh to take the time, to be ecstatic to live a great adventure to socialize to communicate to meditate to go on an adventure..

Our mission

Make you discover memorable experiences

We see the experience as the trigger for your next trip. Our only objective is to select experiences that have that little extra that will make you want to leave! We travel to live experiences, not to move to a destination. These are the experiences that will create your travel memories.

Helping you live these experiences

Offering you great experiences is good, living them is better. All the experiences selected by our team are accompanied by practical information allowing you to easily organize yourself. Beyond inspiring you, we help you take action!

Why go around the world?

there are a thousand and one reasons to go on a world tour, let’s first ask what is a world tour? for me it is the greatest of journeys, the great thrill!

What is a trip? a trip is already a change of environment, the trip is therefore a change and a change it is decided that when the state in which one is, is more unbearable than the effort required to change it, the trip is is therefore a remedy for our state in our golden cage, an escape from breakage in which we must return, it is to let the birds regain their freedom the trip has re to discover the essential, which is really important!

It’s relearning everything, relearning to breathe, to speak, to learn time, to appreciate the present moment, a kind of meditation in movement. When we travel, we meet people, teach us to listen, observe, test everything, and teach us not to impose ourselves or have everything, when we travel there is of course also physical effort, it is pushed back to its limits. prove that we can make it discover that we are stronger than we think, with these new superpowers, we finally have the courage to take risks, to let ourselves be guided by chance in addition to surprises, we give everything, your joy your energy you get raw to take a slap of splendor then finally no more fear, afraid to jump of being spontaneous, of being different from loving seeds of living in power.

I want to go around the world to be reborn, but to be reborn with eyes filled with the colors of the world!

Travel is the best school to form life

Traveling is getting out of your comfort zone knowing people and cultures from all over the world, it’s growing, learning about yourself, the world and history, it’s also learning languages ​​and becoming more open to spirit. You get out of your routine and your habits and you are much more organized and responsible after having organized trips.

You will also realize the good sides of your country and appreciate the things that you have at home and that others do not have elsewhere in the world! You will certainly become more adventurous, you will no longer be afraid of the unknown and of having to cope with the unexpected, you will make friends that you could never have made elsewhere if you were not traveling, you’ll question yourself, you’ll become much more tolerant, you’ll also be able to have fun by moving time forward and backward depending on the jet lag.

You will never get bored and you will make incredible memories, experiences forever etched in your memory, choose the best opportunity to start all over again! traveling is freedom, it’s going where you want when you want and seeing incredible landscapes, tasting dishes from all over the world.

No one ever comes back from a trip without having been changed, but changed for the better!! Traveling also allows you to overcome the stereotypes of certain cultures and live life as if you were from this country like a real local, traveling allows you to surpass yourself psychologically to go beyond ideals, open up and see up to where you can go, you can conquer your fears no matter what they are, the journey is a surpassing of oneself!

After having traveled where we also have this desire to protect and preserve the planet a little more, because after having seen so much beauty we no longer want to ruin everything!