Algeria: The Gate of the Jinn – Unveiling the Forgotten City in the Depths of the Desert

They call it: ‘The Gate of the Jinn’ and the Eighth Wonder of the World. Many mysteries surround numerous places around the world, some of which are steeped in legends, while others have been explored. However, their enigmatic nature remains unsolvable for many! Algeria, perhaps, sits on the throne of that list, as it boasts numerous captivating locations and picturesque islands.


One such mystery is the Algerian city of Séfar, known locally as ‘The Gate of the Jinn.’ It has also been dubbed ‘The Eighth Wonder of the World.’ Additionally, it is renowned as the world’s largest gathering place for witches and demons. It is considered the second most dangerous location on Earth after the Bermuda Triangle, owing to a significant magnetic force present within it. The United States of America has even stated that all triangles, except for one found in the Algerian desert, exist in the sea. Some even speculate that Séfar may be the lost continent of Atlantis.


According to reports, Séfar boasts the largest reserves of freshwater in the world. Furthermore, it is said to offer the most magnificent and breathtaking sunrise and sunset on the planet. Now, let’s delve into some details about the city of Séfar:

Situated in the Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range, which translates to ‘River Plateau’ in the heart of the Illizi desert, Séfar represents one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind. It is home to a museum showcasing drawings and inscriptions dating back more than 15,000 years. UNESCO has recognized it as the oldest and largest rocky city globally, covering an area of 89,342 square kilometers.

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This city, located in the far south of Algeria within the vast Algerian desert, is estimated to be approximately 20,000 years old. It resembles a forest of rocks covered in yellow and brown sand, exuding a captivating charm during the morning, evening, and even under the moonlight and starry skies. No one has been able to explore or fully uncover its mysteries, as those who have ventured inside never returned alive. The Algerian army protects the city and prohibits entry, although even if it were accessible, no one dares to enter. The published pictures of the city only depict certain parts of it. The second French channel even produced a program about it, capturing footage with the help of a drone, as no one is willing to risk their life.


The only person known to have entered it was the greatest magician in human history, Alastair Crowley, along with his team. Sadly, all his companions perished, while he himself survived. Years later, Crowley passed away, leaving behind a document filled with intricate and unintelligible lines and drawings. No magician has been able to decipher its meaning, and the document currently resides in a museum in Britain.

Known as the City of Jinn or the City of Stones, Séfar has been classified by UNESCO as the largest stone city, featuring an extensive network of caves and hidden chambers in the world. The wall paintings within depict a modern and advanced human civilization, showcasing beings flying in the sky using aerial devices and individuals wearing diving equipment while swimming underwater. These drawings also illustrate a sequence of climatic changes and the biodiversity of plant and animal life, all predating the advent of modern technology.


The inscriptions found on the rocks of this city are varied. Some interpreters suggest that they are ancient inscriptions predating the existence of humans, created by jinn or extraterrestrial beings who came from outside Earth and communicated with humans through these paintings (according to their claims, of course!). The inscriptions depict a range of subjects, including humans, animals, plants, and even celestial bodies. They provide descriptions of humans, their physical features, clothing styles from past eras, as well as drawings of animals and plants that existed during those times. Through these drawings, visitors can trace changes and adaptations made by the inhabitants to withstand the harsh desert living conditions. The drawings combine different styles, including tropical, desert, and Mediterranean, all within one city, leaving visitors astonished and curious about the people who created them and their way of life.


The most intriguing aspect of these drawings is the depiction of human-like creatures flying in the sky, wearing what appear to be flying devices, and men wearing diving equipment. Some drawings show individuals pulling mysterious cylindrical objects, as well as inscriptions of ships and astronauts, all at a time when such technology was supposedly unknown.

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Regarding the city’s resources, a European mission that visited the city and prepared a report discovered a reserve of freshwater. The drawings also indicate that the area was once wet and supported a large population before natural changes forced them to migrate, eventually transforming the region into a barren desert over time.

The city of Séfar raises many mysterious puzzles, and its construction is believed to be complex and challenging. It is said that whoever enters the city cannot find a way out, as it is larger and more intricate than the pyramids. Consequently, many researchers have concluded that the accounts surrounding the city of Séfar are closer to legend than reality. However, an Algerian architect named Dr. Atef Ahrez affirms that the artistic and historical treasures present in the region are not merely fantasies but tangible and visible realities.

Ultimately, all the theories and hypotheses proposed about Séfar may hold some truth or prove to be incorrect. As for myths and legends, they often defy rational explanation and remain enigmatic to the human mind.

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