Austria: discover the region of Salzkammergut, the pearl of the country

Austria has been a popular country for French tourists for some time. Although many people are content to visit its capital Vienna, Austria has many surprises in store for visitors who venture to its more distant lands. The Salzkammergut region is one of the jewels of this country. Its mountainous landscapes, its lakes and its typical villages will not leave you indifferent.


  • Between beaches and vertiginous environment
  • The village of Hallstatt, the emblem of the region
  • Rest, discovery and sport

Between beaches and vertiginous environment

The majority of people who have stayed in the Salzkammergut in Austria are unanimous on the incredible charm of this region. Many of them have fallen in love with it and regularly return to recharge their batteries in these breathtaking landscapes. Indeed, all 80 lakes in the region form the Riviera of Austria , all in an exceptional setting along the Danube plain and the rocky mountains .

Schafberg to St. Wolfgang, Austria
Credits: Unsplash

The village of Hallstatt, the emblem of the region

The best-known village in this unique region of Austria is Hallstatt. It is nestled between Lake Hallstättersee and towering mountains. Its charm is indisputable thanks to its picturesque chalets typical of the old Austria and its pretty church. In winter, this place is often covered with snow, which enchants all the visitors who go there. In summer, the destination lends itself perfectly to nautical activities on the lake. The beauty of Hallstatt attracts more and more tourists from all over the world, which is why we do not recommend that you stay there for more than two or three days. villages and towns around the region’s 80 lakes are just as charming and much less visited , which maintains their authenticity and that sense of change of scenery and adventure when you go there.

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Hallstatt, Austria
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Rest, discovery and sport

The Salzkammergut is a pleasant destination , regardless of the seasons of the year. In winter, the panoramas of the villages and surroundings of the snow-covered lakes are magnificent, while in summer, the colors are revealed and make the places marvelous. This environment allows its visitors to choose between resting along the banks or having fun with a host of activities.

The region is drawn by many hiking trails , which offers a great possibility of walks in the mountains or along the lakes. Some villages are also interesting to visit: let yourself be carried away by their charm and simply stroll! In winter, the snowy landscapes make it possible to carry out a lot of activities, and in particular winter sports . When the temperatures allow it, the many lakes allow you to cool off and have fun in their more than pleasant waters.

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