Best sites to visit in the Tanezrouft of Algeria

The best sites to visit in the Tanezrouft of Algeria can be categorized into three regions:

The Hoggar: This region offers several breathtaking sites, including:

  • The Atakor, with its famous Assekrem plateau, where you can witness the world’s most beautiful sunset amidst a truly lunar landscape.
  • The Tefedest, known for its massive stone ship “la Garet El-Djenoun” (2327m) and the famous village of Mertoutek.
  • The city of Tamanrasset, a must-visit for all desert enthusiasts.

The Tassili: This area encompasses three distinct sites, the most magnificent being the Tassili n’Ajjer, located northeast of Djanet. This vast sandstone plateau features steep cliffs, gueltas carved into the sandstone, narrow and deep canyons, vast amphitheaters, and dark regs, adorned with “stone forests.” The accumulated sands at the base of columns and arches give it a unique appearance. Among its many jewels are the Erg d’Admer, the Issendilène guelta, and the Tikoubawine arches and sabers. However, the site is most famous for its 6,000 catalogued rock paintings and engravings, with the most renowned located in Jabbaren. The Tassili de la Tadrart, even more splendid than the former, and the city of Djanet, known for its globally recognized Sebeiba festival, should also be noted.

The Great Western Erg: More beautiful and attractive than its eastern counterpart, this area houses the Sahara’s most beautiful oasis pearls, offering a landscape completely different from the previous ones. At its heart lies the Gourara region, Timimoune, and Taghit! Sites of spectacular beauty surrounded by immense rings of pink-orange and reddish dunes, interspersed with thousands of date palms watered using an ancient technique known as “foggaras.” And how could I conclude without mentioning the jewel of Ghardaïa, a paradise on earth that has captivated all who have had the chance to visit.

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These regions offer a glimpse into the diverse beauty and cultural heritage of the Algerian Sahara, making them essential destinations for any traveler seeking to explore the unique landscapes and historical richness of Algeria.

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