Chile: Explore the Marble Cathedral and its Turquoise Waters

Just like many other Latin American countries , Chile is rich in varied scenery. In addition to plains as far as the eye can see and parks filled with lakes and mountains, you will also discover more rare scenery. For tourists curious to discover nature as well as for geology enthusiasts, go to the shores of Lake Buenos Aires, also called General Carrera. Thus, you will be able to admire the most grandiose rock formations such as the marble cathedral.

The cathedral, the chapel and the marble cave

On the border between Chile and Argentina is the second largest lake in South America after Titicaca. In addition to its size, it stands out for its turquoise waters , but also for its geological formations resembling small islets. The most impressive of its formations owes its name to its imposing size. Indeed, it is the Marble Cathedral , the most famous islet of the lake. Not far from it are two other similar formations, but of smaller size, namely the Chapel and the Marble Cavern .

marble chapels, Chile
Credits: Flickr/Javier Vieras

Again, these wonders are the result of nature . Indeed, it is the minerals contained in the water and its agitation that have formed these rocks over the millennia . Today, these three islets look very impressive from the outside, but most of the spectacle is hidden inside.

On a canoe, head into the magical interior of the caves

The cathedral, the chapel and the marble cave have unique interiors. Each of these formations is made of white marble . As you step inside, you’ll admire columns, pillars, and even what can be considered round windows. What also makes the beauty of the place is the turquoise color of the waters that enter the caves. Moreover, the rock formations are reflected most of the time in the almost transparent water, which makes the place even more impressive and magical!

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Marble Chapels, Chile
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

To admire these natural buildings, it is best to wait for the right moment so that the water level is low . We advise you to go there in good weather to make the most of your expedition. Once these criteria are met, it is very simple to achieve these trainings. You have two choices. The first is to take a boat from a Chilean city Río Ibanez . The second is to succumb to a kayak tour organized by local agencies. If the conditions mentioned above are met, you will then be able to enter these caves and not miss anything in the natural spectacle of this unique place in the world.

Chile: Explore the Marble Cathedral and its Turquoise Waters
Credits: Flickr/Javier Vieras

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