The Pura Vida of Costa Rica, a whole art to know…

With Iceland, Costa Rica is the destination to go to for its incredible nature and the quality of the welcome of its population . Recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world, it is also driven by a positive expression that has stood the test of time: Pura Vida!

This philosophy of life used by all the inhabitants of Costa Rica is a way of living, thinking and acting positively which results in different exchanges: it is used to say hello or goodbye, to know how the other is doing, to express gratitude , be aware of the nature that surrounds us or even enjoy the present moment . Ex: If someone asks you how are you in Costa Rica? You will be able to answer him a big: PURA VIDA!

These two little magic words would have appeared at the end of the 1950s, and more precisely in 1956 when the film “Pura Vida” arrived in Costa Rica (coming straight from Mexico). In this film, the comic actor Antonio Espino had to repeat this sentence many times and it seems to have remained in the minds of the population… 20 years later it will be used throughout the country and will become a motto national.

Costa Rica, this country that is always one step ahead, is the perfect destination for lovers of the simple life, nature, the kindness of the people and the slow passing of time. Moreover, at home, future travelers will have to offset their carbon footprint . A good example of Pura Vida to follow to continue living on our beautiful planet.

Discover this magnificent country in 20 photos:

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Credits: Juliana Barquero – Unsplash

Credits: Zdeněk Macháček – Unsplash

Credits: Nat Fernández – Unsplash

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Credits: Juliana Barquero – UnsplashCredits: Atanas Malamov – Unsplash

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