Discover 10 Affordable Waterfront Destinations in Europe

The sun is pointing the tip of its nose again and we only dream of one thing: to put our feet in the warm water while stroking the fine sand with our fingertips. A destination by the sea (or lake) is then obvious to you, however, you have a limited budget and you would stay well in Europe. Rest assured, everything is possible, you will have them on your vacation in a seaside resort! Discover without delay our selection of the best coastal destinations in Europe and at low prices!

It’s still not too late to plan a crazy stay for this summer! Fun in the sun and hassle-free savings will be on the program! Choose your dream place among the tourist spots and hidden treasures that we offer, let yourself be tempted by the charm of the local Corsica between sea and mountains, by the charming Cape Kolka in Latvia or by the famous island of Crete in Greece . Have a good time without breaking the bank, inspiration is here!


  • The Sunny Briag in Bulgaria – €60
  • The Algarve in Portugal – €60
  • Corsica, France – €90
  • Limassol in Cyprus – €70
  • Costa del Sol, Spain – €65
  • Lake Balaton in Hungary – €90
  • The Salzkammergut region in Austria – €60
  • Crete in Greece – €80
  • The island of Zante in Greece – €85

1. The Sunny Briag in Bulgaria – €60

The Sunny Beach is a seaside resort in Bulgaria , certainly the largest . It is also known as the Côte du Soleil or Sunny Beach for English speakers. It is located on the Black Sea coast between the cities of Varna and Bourgas. You will then be able to observe no less than 9 kilometers of fine sand ! For those of you who love holidays like in Ibiza (but cheaper), Sunny Beach will seduce you with its many nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shops and hotels. Get ready to have fun without breaking the bank! For information, a glass of wine costs on average 2 euros and a three-course dinner for two people with a bottle of wine costs around 25 euros.

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2. The Algarve in Portugal – €60

For several years, the Algarve has been attracting the French. This is a region located in the very south of Portugal and offering magnificent beaches . You will also appreciate the small cliffs, the fishing villages and the good restaurants. Take advantage of the Portuguese warmth at a low price! As a benchmark, a three-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine will cost you an average of 20 euros and 0.72 cents a coffee!

Credits: moniek58/Pixabay

3. Corsica, France – €90

Undoubtedly one of the most expensive destinations in our ranking, it nevertheless remains unmissable . This small French paradise appeals enormously because of its crystal clear waters, its wild creeks and the authenticity of the heart of the island . We also appreciate the Corsican gastronomy, a delight for the taste buds! Don’t be held back by a tight budget, there are several ways to avoid big expenses while still giving yourself that dream vacation . Think in particular about renting a house for the holidays in Corsica through a rental matchmaking platform and avoid hotels. Another way to reduce your budget on site is to buy your food from small producers, you will also have the pleasure of meeting the local population. Finally, do not hesitate to discover Corsica with a mask and a snorkel or by walking, no need to go on a cruise to fully enjoy it!

Credits: Tama66/Pixabay

4. Limassol in Cyprus – €60

Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus, it is located on the southern coast. It is famous for the castle that is installed there, dating back several hundred years (built by the Byzantines around the year 1000). Many artists exhibit in this city and we also appreciate its wine productions and its many beaches . As a benchmark, a three-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine will cost you an average of 25 euros in Limassol.

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5. Costa del Sol, Spain – €65

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular affordable destinations. Spain is always well placed when it comes to offering you a sunny day out without breaking the bank. So take advantage of the Mediterranean beaches by going there, to Andalusia . You will have the pleasure of meeting many other foreigners and relaxing there with a bottle of beer for only 1.9 euros.

Costa del Sol
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6. Lake Balaton in Hungary – €90

Lake Balaton is also called “the sea of ​​Hungary” by the locals. It offers a wide variety of landscapes with its freshwater lake , volcanic hills , beaches and tourist towns . It is also a region that produces wine and has a national park full of hiking trails to discover. Enjoy a view of the lake while enjoying a meal in a mid-range restaurant for around 13 euros.

lac Balaton
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7. The Salzkammergut region in Austria – €60

Another possibility is to head to Lake Hallstättersee , also called the “Pearl of Austria” and located in the Salzkammergut region. A tributary of the Danube , you appreciate its wide view of the water and the favorable rates in the area. A night in a 3-star hotel with a double room costs on average 25 euros per person, enough to please you without feeling guilty!

Discover 10 Affordable Waterfront Destinations in Europe
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8. Crete in Greece – €80

Crete is the largest Greek island, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of area. A little gem, it offers a discovery of the sea and the mountains as well as large archaeological sites . If you go to Crete, enjoy a walk on the soft sand or on Mount Ida , the highest peak of the island. Also enjoy a three-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine for around 30 euros.

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9. The island of Zante in Greece – €85

Greece also offers an attractive stay on the island of Zante with magnificent beaches such as Laganás in the south. You will learn that this beach is protected by sea turtles . You will also most certainly see the wreck that characterizes the island , stranded in 1980 in a cove. Finally, enjoy a glass of wine for 1.67 euros on average.

Credits: sinzicraciun0/Pixabay

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