Discover 10 most beautiful places in Scotland

Adventurous mountain peaks, mysterious bogs, or even beautiful sandy beaches. Scotland will captivate you at first sight. In total, we have spent over half a year of our lives here and together we have selected for you the top 10 most beautiful places in Scotland that you must see. So don’t hesitate and come with us to one of the 4 countries of the United Kingdom.

Glen Coe Valley                                                               

The most interesting region of Scotland is undoubtedly the Highlands. The Rocky Mountains stretch across the north-west of Great Britain and include countless bare peaks. Among them we find clear lakes (Lochs) or picturesque valleys (Glens). One of them is the 16 km long Glen Coe valley, which is often referred to as one of the most beautiful valleys in Britain . Whether you drive it by car or go on one of the many hiking options in the area, you’re sure to be delighted. Not even when this location appeared in films with James Bond or Harry Potter.

Glen Coe Valley from start to finish

Climbing Ben Nevis

As in other countries, in Scotland, climbing the highest mountain will bring wonderful experiences. Ben Nevis, with its height of 1344 m, is not only the highest mountain in Scotland, but even surpasses all the peaks of the British Isles. But don’t be fooled. Although Ben Nevis is only slightly higher than Bald Mountain, it is a challenging climb , during which the famous Scottish weather can really bother you. However, when the sun smiles upon you, you’ll be treated to magnificent views of the surrounding Munros (Scottish peaks over 3,000 feet) and the sea loch of Loch Linnhe.

Tip: when you climb Ben Nevis, stop at Steall Waterfall, the second highest in Britain.

Ben Nevis a Steall Waterfall

Isle of Skye

Scotland is not just part of the main island of Great Britain. A large part of the country’s area the size of the Czech Republic is made up of various smaller islands and archipelagos such as Shetland, Orkney or the Hebrides. Most of them have to be reached by ferry, but the Isle of Skye, which is part of the Inner Hebrides, can be reached by bridge! On an island with an average of 6 inhabitants per km 2 , you will be captivated by bizarre rock formations, waterfalls falling from cliffs straight into the sea or the dark Cuillin Mountains. Although the island is one of the top locations in the whole of Britain, you will certainly find places that you will be able to enjoy almost to yourself.

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Beautiful places on the Isle of Skye

Historic Edinburgh

You can be sure that Scotland will captivate you with its landscape. The area where it falters a bit is the cities. Most of them are modern, without historical monuments and have nothing to surprise. But as always, the exception proves the rule, and the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a clear proof of this. Unlike other cities, Edinburgh offers a historic center, a castle and the official residence of the British monarch . In addition, the numerous views of the city, the National Museum of Scotland or the former yacht of the British Queen Elizabeth II are worth seeing.

Discover 10 most beautiful places in Scotland
Historic Edinburgh

Britain’s most north-eastern cape

We move back to the north, where the wind whistles relentlessly and the Atlantic shows its power . The entire north coast of Britain is worth seeing, but one place really stands out. It is Duncansby Head, which is also the most north-eastern headland of Britain, that will dazzle you with the view of the Orkney archipelago and the open sea. But you will see much more from the 60 m high cliffs. In addition to the white lighthouse, there are several pointed rock towers standing alone in the sea.

Tip: the rock towers in the sea at Duncansby Head are not the only ones in Scotland, you can visit, for example, The Old Man of Stoer on the west coast.

Duncansby Head – the most north-eastern headland of Britain

On the way to Applecross

Everyone knows that in Britain they drive on the left, but did you know that the UK is full of narrow roads that are only one car wide (the so-called single-track roads) that make many a driver suffer? Driving on such roads can bring a lot of problems and nerves, but for most motorists it is of course an experience. It is in Scotland that we can find countless narrow winding roads, and the route around the Applecross peninsula is among the most beautiful. Applecross is part of the main island of Britain and is located just above the Isle of Skye. The adventure road here takes you through sheep countryside, along rugged coastline and up to the Bealach Na Ba (626m), the third highest publicly accessible road saddle in Britain. And if you want to take a break from driving, take a short walk to the top of Sgùr a’ Chaorachain (773m) for breathtaking views of the countryside and the Isle of Skye among others.

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Tip: don’t forget to look out for deer when wandering around Scotland.

On the way around the Applecross Peninsula

Cairngorms National Park

Hiking in Scotland can be really challenging at times. Most of the peaks rise steeply from the sea and climbing them sometimes requires the help of hands. Many people get excited about climbing the peaks, but some people appreciate more relaxed hikes. These are offered in the Cairngorms NP. The Cairngorms National Park lies in the eastern part of the Scottish Highlands and is the largest national park in Britain by area . Its main dominant feature is the Cairngorms mountain range of the same name, which, unlike the western part of Scotland, consists mainly of a plateau at a height of around 1200 m, from which individual peaks rise. The hikes here are therefore not that demanding and the nature is also completely different. In the upper regions it resembles a lunar landscape, and in the lowlands we find forests and pastures instead of bogs and heaths. The royal family also liked this region, which regularly visits the local summer “apartment” – Balmoral Castle.

Tip: the second Scottish national park can be found in the vicinity of Britain’s largest lake, Loch Lomond.

Cairngorms National Park and Balmoral Castle

Britain’s highest waterfall

From our article, it is clear that Scotland abounds with several “bests”. Even Britain’s highest waterfall is no exception and bears the head-scratching name of Eas a’ Chual Aluinn. 200 meters of falling water can be found in the north of Scotland, where foxes say good night. A roughly five-kilometer path through the rugged Scottish countryside leads to the waterfall, and the views from the upper edge of the waterfall to the valley with the sea lake Loch Glencoul are in any case among the top 10 most beautiful places in Scotland.

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Tip: on your way to Britain’s highest waterfall, also notice Wailing Widow Falls.

Eas a’ Chual Aluinn – Britain’s highest waterfall

Glenfinnan Viaduct aneb most z Harryho Pottera

If you remember anything from Harry Potter, it’s the scene with the Hogwarts Express when the train crosses the bridge and Harry and Ron circle around it in a flying car. As you may have guessed, the said bridge can be found in Scotland, and even the Hogwarts Express. The Glenfinnan Viaduct stands near the town of Fort William, a short distance from the shores of Loch Shiel. The advantage is that after paying the parking fee, you can admire the 30 m high railway bridge for free. The railway line connects the town of Fort William with the port of Mallaig and you can take the Hogwarts Express from April to October. All information, including departure times, can be found on these > pages <.

Tip: plan your trip according to the timetable and take a picture of the bridge with the Hogwarts Express .

Glenfinnan Viaduct s „Bradavickým Expressem“
The Old Man of Stoer
Sandwood Bay
Knockan Crag Reserve
Puffin Cove

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