Discover 10 must-see destinations in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is full of cultural and natural riches that deserve to be visited and admired. Cradle of many legends and mythologies, this body of water is undoubtedly one of the busiest in the world. And if there were only 10 destinations to remember, here are the ones that are impossible to miss.  

mediterranean france menton
The port of Menton, in the south of France. © PONANT Philip Plisson


  • 1. The Island of Beauty
  • 2. Croatia
  • 3. Egypt
  • 4. The Maltese Archipelago
  • 5. The Cyclades
  • 6. Sardinia
  • 7. The Turkish coast
  • 8. Sicily
  • 9. Djerba
  • 10. The Balearics

1. The Island of Beauty

Well-ordered charity begins with oneself… So let’s start right away with Corsica and its heavenly beaches . Those who do not wish to try the GR20 adventure can easily retreat to towns like Porto Vecchio, or enjoy the coves of white sand and clear water!

Corsica off-season destinations
Beach located in Pietrosella. Credits: Mathilde Cureau/Unsplash

2. Croatia

Located on the Adriatic arm of the Mediterranean, Croatia is increasingly popular for holidays. Many people go there especially to party, but it would be a shame to miss the magical site of Plivitce Lakes. “The pearl of the Adriatic” is also known for the pretty towns of Zadar and Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Credits: Unsplash

3. Egypt

The country that once housed the pharaohs is a true jewel of Mediterranean culture history. Difficult to ignore the pyramids of Gizeh or not to go through the Valley of the Kings, while following the quiet course of the Nile.

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Credits: Pixabay / 8moments

4. The Maltese Archipelago

If during a cruise in the Mediterranean you have the opportunity to stop in Malta, do not hesitate. Whether strolling the architecturally unique streets of Valletta, or exploring the spectacular coastlines of Gozo and Comino, the choice is endless!

Valletta Malta
Credits: iStock / liseykina

5. The Cyclades

These Greek islands are at the heart of the Mediterranean, and we have to admit, it’s hard to choose between them all! We should mention in particular the island of Santorini , world famous for its spectacular sunset, between the sea and the white houses typical of this part of the Mediterranean.

Mykonos Cyclades Greece
Credits: iStock / pkazmierczak

6. Sardinia

This large Italian island has a very special charm. First of all for its beaches, but also for its gastronomy and the typical towns and villages, some of which seem frozen in time. History buffs will also appreciate being able to visit archaeological sites such as Tharros or Nora.

Cove beach in Sardinia travel by motorhome
©Wikimedia Commons

7. The Turkish coast

The latter has nothing to envy to neighboring countries. While cities like Istanbul have a unique identity between East and West, cities like Bodrum, Izmir and Antalya are prime holiday destinations. Why not try a hot air balloon flight over Cappadocia?

Cappadocia Turkey
Credits: Pixabay

8. Sicily

The southernmost island of Italy is appreciated for all the culture that emanates from it. The unmissable city of Palermo is an architectural treasure brimming with historical anecdotes. The Zingaro nature reserve also shows a wilder side of the island. Without forgetting Etna, which can be visited throughout the year.

Discover 10 must-see destinations in the Mediterranean
Credits: iStock/LuckyTD

9. Djerba

This island of golden sand with multicultural influences seduces thanks to its white villages and its endless beaches with transparent water. You can also stroll through the streets of Houmt-Souk during the fish auction, or visit the museums on the island.

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Djerba Tunisia
Credits: iStock / zhuzhu

10. The Balearics

If we know Ibiza above all, it should be noted that the other islands offer breathtaking landscapes. As in the Mondrago Natural Park where it is possible to fully observe Nature.

majorca cabrera
Cabrera Island. Credits: Tommie Hansen/Flickr
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