Discover 11 unusual places to eat around the world

Wacky, impressively beautiful or downright wacky… Here is our selection of 12 unusual places to eat around the world!


  • 1. The Rock Restaurant, Michamvi Pingwe, Zanzibar
  • 2. Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy
  • 3. Sounds of Silence, Ayers Rock, Australie
  • 4. Snowland’s Igloo Restaurant, Rovaniemi, Lapland
  • 5. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
  • 6. Le Bustronome, London (and Paris)
  • 7. In the Dark?, Paris, France
  • 8. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Rangali Island, Maldives
  • 9. Dinner in the Sky, Brussels, Belgium
  • 10. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, San Pablo, Philippines
  • 11. Ninja New York, New York, USA
  • 12. Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok

Have you ever had lunch in a restaurant set on a rock in the middle of the sea? In a salt mine? In the air, on a platform lifted by a crane? Far from the small neighborhood bistro, get out of the ordinary and bet on originality with our list of unusual places to eat around the world.

Incredible and puzzling experiences that alone can justify a trip…

1. The Rock Restaurant, Michamvi Pingwe, Zanzibar

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

Photo credit: Facebook – The Rock Restaurant

How about swimming to your lunch? This is what The Rock Restaurant offers in Zanzibar. Perched on a rock in the middle of the water, it offers breathtaking views and refined cuisine with Tanzanian influences. But it is in the way of joining it that lies all its originality. Walking in the water, swimming, on a paddle… You are on an island in the Indian Ocean and you cannot feel more on vacation! This magical place is also a fabulous place for a romantic lunch.

2. Grotta Palazzese, Polignano a Mare, Italy

Grotta Palazzese Hotel Restaurant

Photo credit: Facebook – Ristorante Hotel Grotta Palazzese

A candlelit dinner in a restaurant on the Italian coast is already a dream. So, imagine this one carved into a cliff, directly above the Adriatic Sea? Housed in a cave in the village of Polignano a Mare in Puglia, the Grotta Palazzese is one of the most beautiful and unusual places to eat in the world.

The establishment invites you to dine to the sound of the waves crashing on the rock. Italian cuisine is traditional, with fresh seafood and an extensive wine list. To prolong the experience, spend a night in one of the rooms of the adjoining hotel!

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3. Sounds of Silence, Ayers Rock, Australie

Sounds of silence, Ayers Rock

Photo credit: Instagram – flora_daidai

Can’t stand the hubbub of the city anymore? Never mind, we take you to eat in the quietest restaurant in the world. In the middle of the Australian desert in Yulara, only the sound of the didgeridoo may disturb your peace of mind.

Here, the sunsets are breathtaking, and you can enjoy typical aboriginal bush tucker cuisine. Dance performances immerse you in this traditional culture. After dinner, under a starry sky, you will benefit from expert advice on spotting the constellations of the southern hemisphere.

4. Snowland’s Igloo Restaurant, Rovaniemi , Lapland

Restaurant snowland Lumina, Rovaniemi

Photo credit: Facebook – Discovering Finland

For an al fresco dinner, head to the land of Santa Claus! Put on your best down jacket and get ready for a real adventure. Nestled among snow-covered Lapland pines, Snowland’s Igloo Restaurant looks like an Ice Palace. From the bar to the tables to the chairs, everything is sculpted in blocks of ice.

Take out your camera, but keep your gloves nearby: it is -10° C in the room. Illuminated ice sculptures and pretty twinkling candles warm up the atmosphere somewhat. But it is especially in the plate that we forget the temperature. Steaming soup, local reindeer and fish specialties, the taste experience is delicious. To avoid spoiling anything, we offer you a drink when you arrive!

5. Wieliczka Salt Mine , Poland

Wieliczka Salt Mines, restaurant

If you are claustrophobic, this restaurant is to forget. For others, this experience at 125 meters deep is worth the detour! Located in a former salt mine, the restaurant Auberge des Mineurs ( Miners Taverne ) in Wieliczka offers light and inexpensive Polish cuisine…cooked with salt from the mine of course!

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a major tourist monument in Poland, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978. It would be a shame not to visit it!

6. Le Bustronome, London (and Paris)

Forget the classic tourist bus tour to admire the monuments of London. Much better: take a seat on board… for dinner! This visit, as panoramic as it is gastronomic, promises you a unique experience. Comfortably installed on the upper deck, you benefit from an incredible view thanks to the fully glazed roof of the imperial bus. The major sites of the city pass before your eyes while you enjoy excellent Franco-British cuisine. Great chefs indeed officiate for the greatest pleasure of your palate. To be tested preferably in the evening, when the lights of the city give it its most beautiful finery. Little info: the Bustronome also exists in Paris.

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7. In the Dark?, Paris , France

In the dark ?  Restaurants in Paris

Photo credit: Facebook – In the Dark? Paris

Didier Roche, over forty, lost his sight at the age of six, during a banal accident. It is he who is at the origin of the restaurant concept Dans le Noir. The principle ? Eating while being completely immersed in darkness. The other senses are then awakened and you find yourself losing your bearings. The menu is a surprise (guessing what you’re eating is part of the adventure, and it’s not easy!) and served by blind people. This sensory and convivial experience is now available in several countries, but the original restaurant is in Paris, in the 4th arrondissement.

8. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Rangali Island, Maldives

Restaurant Ithaa Undersea, Maldives

Photo credit: Facebook – Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Enjoying a delicious meal somewhere almost five meters below sea level… It’s possible in the Maldives! The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant serves gourmet cuisine in the depths of the Indian Ocean. Your table neighbors are none other than multicolored fish, manta rays, sharks or barracudas.

On the plate, Maldivian rice, perfectly spiced reef fish and lobster, coconut, curry, pistachios, ginger or vanilla… The Ithaa Undersea is part of the Hilton Maldives Resort hotel. and Spa and well worth a visit on a trip to the Maldives.

9. Dinner in the Sky, Brussels , Belgium

Dinner in the Sky, Mon des Arts, Brussels

Photo credit: Facebook – Dinner in the Sky Belgium

Haven’t heard of Dinner in the Sky yet? Born in Brussels in 2006, this unusual and gourmet concept is now exported all over the world. Seated on a platform that can accommodate 22 guests, a crane lifts you up for a meal in the air, perched 50 meters above the ground.

The dishes are cooked on site and in front of you by a starred chef. From up there, the quality of the dishes is matched only by the panoramic view of the city of Brussels. Every year, internationally renowned chefs take turns to provide an exceptional experience for their customers.

10. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, San Pablo, Philippines

Waterfall restaurant, Philippines

Photo credit: Facebook – Explore the world

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Lunch with your feet in the water, what a refreshing concept! Located on the edge of a marvelous little waterfall, the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant offers a unique natural environment. The tables are made of bamboo, we have lunch with our feet tickled by the crystal clear water. No need for a mister, the drops of water that reach you from the waterfall are enough to soften the ambient air.

In this enchanting setting, enjoy a traditional Filipino buffet, while observing the birds and the local flora. Dance and music performances are often presented. This original establishment is located in the Philippines, in the Villa Escudero Plantations & Resorts hotel complex, built on former rice plantations.

11. Ninja New York, New York , USA

restaurant ninja new york

Photo credit: Instagram – jeffazayas

In New York, waiters are not very traditional! In any case, not those of the restaurant Ninja New York. To access this one of the most unusual places to eat in the world, you must take an elevator that takes you to an underground Japanese village. There, the tables are arranged in small passages and nooks.

Dressed as Japanese warriors, the waiters greet you in the manner of samurai and deliver your dish to you with a few facetious acrobatics. Don’t panic: they are friendly and only think of surprising you with their pranks. Japanese cuisine is delicious.

12. Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok

vertigo restaurant, bangkok

Photo credit: Facebook – Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

Having a meal at the top of a skyscraper can quickly become exhilarating. Both located on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel, the Vertigo restaurant and the Moon Bar offer a 360° view of the Thai capital.

Wherever you look, the view is splendid. The shape of the restaurant is unique: its elongated bridge, which overlooks the building, gives the impression of flying over the city! To top it off, the cocktails are delicious and the menu extensive. It’s chic, it’s expensive, but you’re in one of the best rooftops in the world!

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