Discover 14 dream pools around the world

Here are dream pools that all have something unique that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether for their healing properties or because they are located at the top of a natural waterfall or on the 55th floor of a luxury hotel. Follow the guide and you will understand better!

Dream pools around the world.

dream pools

These are not the rectangular and classic pools that we know. With their breathtaking view and their unique concept, we bet they will whet your curiosity! Discover these extraordinary swimming pools, located in the four corners of the planet.

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is a dream pool.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Thanks to its extraordinary geothermal features, this swimming pool located in Grindavik, Iceland is one of the most famous places on the island. The heated water is naturally drained from the ground and remains at around 37°C at all times. Its water is even said to have healing properties for various skin diseases.

The San Alfonso del Mar pool is a dream pool.

San Alfonso del Mar

The largest artificial swimming pool in the world is that of the San Alfonso del Mar complex in Chile. The swimming pool which stretches over 1013m is located on the beachfront, in the resort, with annual maintenance costs of 3.2 million dollars.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Pool is a dream pool.

The Hanging Gardens of Ubud

In Bali, Indonesia, swimmers can admire the expanse of greenery from the elevated pool or be immersed in the terraced hanging gardens.

The Zodiac Pool at Umaid Bhawan Palace is a dream pool.

The Zodiac Pool, Umaid Bhawan Palace

Beneath the Umaid Bhawan Palace in India, this dreamy pool is surrounded by murals with the 12 zodiac signs painted on the bottom of the pool. The palace, completed in 1943, has earned the place of largest private residence in the world with no less than 347 rooms. The palace is now a luxury hotel.

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SkyPark is a dream pool.

Sky Park

Located at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, SkyPark features an infinity pool on the 55th floor in the luxury hotel. Water flows over the edge of the building, giving swimmers a breathtaking view of the city.

The Devil's Pool, despite its name, is a dream pool.

The Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool – literally the Devil’s Pool – is located at the top of Victoria Falls in Africa where one of the largest waterfalls in the world is located. This natural formation offers a breathtaking view to swimmers. A rock wall serves as a safety barrier, preventing the water from dragging swimmers into the fall (fortunately…).

Pamukkale pools are dream pools.

Pamukkale Pools

The white calcium and limestone deposits of the pools of Pamukkale in Turkey serve as natural fences. Their waters are renowned for their abundance of minerals and are said to have healing powers.

Huvafen Fushi is a dream pool.

Hat of Fury

This resort in the Maldives is known as a “sensory paradise”. The pool mimics a night sky with fireflies, which makes this place really romantic!

The rock pool at Mona Vale Beach is a dream pool.

The rock pool at Mona Vale Beach

Anchored in the ocean, this pool sits on a rocky surface near the beach in Mona Vale, Australia.

Cave pools are dream pools.

The troglodyte pools

On the slopes of Santorini, Greece, the suites are carved into the mountains. Caves come in various forms with stunning lagoons, all without having to leave your room!

The Arizona Diamondbacks pool is a dream pool.

Arizona Diamondbacks Pool

Imagine swimming while watching a baseball game! This pool, located directly in the baseball stadium, is part of a suite that you can rent in a hotel.

The Gellert Baths are dream pools.

The Gellert Baths

Founded over 100 years ago and located in the Gellert Hotel in Budapest, the Gellert Thermal Baths have 10 swimming pools of different sizes and temperatures. All located in an Art Nouveau setting. With its mosaic floors and stained glass windows, it is one of the most photogenic places in Hungary.

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The Jade Mountain Resort pool is a dream pool.

Jade Mountain Resort

Located on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Jade Mountain is a secluded luxury resort with a colorful tile-covered pool, boasting stunning views!

Havasu Falls offers a dreamy natural pool.

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls in Havasupai Tribal Lands is an all-natural pool near Supai in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. A limited number of tourists are allowed to enter and it requires obtaining a permit issued by the Havasupai tribe.

Oberoi Udaivilas swimming pool is a dream swimming pool.

Oberoi Udaivilas swimming pool

Udaipur, India is the capital of the ancient Mewar kingdom. The Oberoi Udaivilas Resort is a 55-acre (over 22 hectares!) palace with expansive gardens and an infinity pool overlooking Lake Pichola.

The Ik Kil Cenote natural pool is a dream pool.

I Kil Cenote

Here is another superb natural swimming pool which is located in the archaeological park of Ik Kil in Mexico. With approximately 30m wide and 40m deep, the pool is surrounded by waterfalls and wild jungle plants. In addition, access to this little corner of paradise only costs $6!

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