Discover 15 must-see places in Lyon in 2023

You know Lyon, the second largest city in France , easily accessible and very well served by trains and buses. But have you bothered to visit it? Here you will find 15 places to visit and admire to rediscover this city!


  • 1) Go eat in a “bouchon”
  • 2) Visit St. John’s Cathedral
  • 3) Stroll down Saint-Jean Street
  • 4) Visit the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière
  • 5) An archaeological stage
  • 6) Frescoes and trompe-l’oeil
  • 7) The district of the red cross
  • 8) Stroll on the banks of the Saône
  • 9) The Tete d’Or park
  • 10) Discover the traboules
  • 11) Squares
  • 12) The halls
  • 13) Museums
  • 14) Festival of Lights
  • 15) God’s Part

1) Go eat in a “bouchon”

A “bouchon” is a bistro where you can discover local specialties and drink good wine! As the gastronomic capital of France, Lyon still has a lot to offer your taste buds.

Bouchon Restaurant Lyon
Credits : Wikimedia Commons / Trishhhh

2) Visit St. John’s Cathedral

Housing a huge astronomical clock, and located in the heart of the medieval and renaissance district of old Lyon, this magnificent building is worth the detour.


3) Stroll down Saint-Jean Street

Still in old Lyon, take advantage of this pedestrianized and cobbled street to admire the architecture, and why not, make a stop in one of its pubs.

Rue Saint-Jean, Lyon
Credits : Wikipedia

4) Visit the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière

Imposing and unmissable, the basilica perched at the top of the hill of Fourvière is accessible by funicular. Do not hesitate to go inside after admiring the breathtaking view of Lyon, then you can then go down through the gardens.

Fourviere basilica
Credits: Wikipedia / MickaëlG

5) An archaeological stage

With the city’s origins dating back to the Roman Empire, Roman ruins can still be seen in the city. First the Trois Gaules amphitheater located in the Croix-Rousse district, but also the two Gallo-Roman theaters of Fourvière. Do not hesitate to visit the museum of Gallo-Roman civilization near the amphitheatres of Fourvière.

6) Frescoes and trompe-l’oeil

As you walk through the district of the Croix Rousse, keep your eyes open, you can admire the wall of the canuts, or even on the banks of the Saône, the fresco of the Lyonnais.

7) The district of the red cross

At an altitude of 250 m, this district offers you the possibility of admiring Lyon from a superb point of view, and a pretty village on the hillside. You can get there by metro, then walk back down!

8) Stroll on the banks of the Saône

By bike or on foot, follow the laid out route and enjoy a break for a picnic!

9) The Tete d’Or park

If you want a bit of calm, go to this huge park, one of the largest urban parks in France, and enjoy its zoo and botanical garden for free.

Park head gold
Credits: Wikipedia / Flexikon

10) Discover the traboules

Passages through courtyards of buildings that allow you to go from one street to another, and architectural particularities of Lyon, take the traboules and discover Lyon from another angle.

Credits: Wikimedia commons / Chris 73

11) Squares

The many squares and their fountains are everywhere. The unavoidable; Place des Terreaux, Jacobins, Celestins, Bellecour.

12) The halls

A covered market also grouping bars, restaurants, perfect for discovering regional products if you like good food.

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Credits : wikimedia / Gossipguy

13) Museums

The Gadagne Museum, home to the Lyon History Museum and the World Puppet Museum, also worth visiting for its architecture. Do not hesitate to also visit the miniature museum and cinema!

14) Festival of Lights

An unmissable event in Lyon which attracts many visitors each year. Come and admire this  4-day show!

Festival of Lights, Lyon
Credits: Wikipedia / Jilibi

15) God’s Part

For your afternoon shopping, nothing beats the Part-Dieu shopping center, one of the largest in Europe with shops on 6 levels!

Shopping center, La Part Dieu, Lyon
Credits: Wikipedia / Stefi123

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