Discover 18 ways to miss your vacation

Holidays, we think about them all year round. When summer finally arrives, the excitement is at its height. But to make the most of your holidays – at home or on the road – here’s what NOT to do…


Don’t plan anything at all

Waiting to be there to book, for example, is not the best idea. Too much uncertainty can generate a lot of stress once you reach your destination. Find some ideas for outings to do or tourist attractions to visit so you don’t get caught off guard.

Start your telecommuting day with a schedule.

plan too much

Conversely, over-planning is not better. Trying to cram in as many activities as possible on your vacation days is the best way to come back to work completely tired. Leave room for the unexpected and spontaneous desires. Holidays should not be settled down to the quarter of an hour.

To be badly accompanied

Going with friends or family members can be pleasant, but you still have to choose your holiday partners carefully. You don’t have enough time off to ruin it with people who don’t share the same vacation outlook as you. To keep smiling, go with the right people!

Go in a large group

Sharing a cabin with other people is a way to split the costs, it’s true! But going in a large group also has disadvantages. Does everyone have the same rhythm as you? It can also be stressful to have to wait for all these people before starting an activity. Clear things up before departure.

Don't stress yourself out with the weather to avoid ruining your vacation.

Stress with the weather

If there is one variable over which you have no control, it is the weather. Avoid looking at the weather forecast ten days before your departure: everything can change so quickly. Depending on your destination, you will also find indoor activities which will allow you not to rage if the sun is not there.

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Children receive financial assistance to go to the dentist.

Do everything for the children

Putting the desires of others before your own is a very bad habit. You risk coming back disappointed, because you will not have done what you wanted. Before departure, hold a family council to find solutions so that everyone’s needs are heard and taken into consideration.

Don't be dazzled by the 0% rate for the first few months

To throw money around

If you mechanically pull out your credit card or money as soon as it’s needed and without thinking too much, expect an unpleasant surprise when you return. Establish a budget – with some contingency – before you leave.

We recognize a toxic work climate with an overloaded schedule.

Work until the last minute

Of course, you have a thousand files to settle, but try to gradually slow down the tempo. Another option? Leave for your trip a day or two after leaving the office. This will give you time to better prepare, rest a little and leave with peace of mind.

Couple: chicanery is better than indifference

Let others decide

Don’t leave the control of your vacation in the hands of other people. Research your destination and the activities to do. Share your opinion. Suggest outings. Be proactive. Not wanting to get involved is sure to experience countless disappointments.

To lose weight in your sleep, make sure you get enough sleep.

keep the same pace

Forget your usual schedule and break your habits. That’s what’s good about vacation! And that’s what allows you to get out of your daily grind. You need a change of pace to recharge your reserves of energy and drive.

Stay logged in

For some, it’s a must to keep an eye on office emails so they don’t feel overwhelmed when they return. For others, it’s hard to cut all ties with social media. But you have to delimit your technological interventions in a time to take full advantage of the present moment. Resist the temptation to bring your vacation to your Instagram followers or Facebook Live friends. If you do, you’re the one not benefiting…

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Escape the moments of rest

Some people seem to believe that resting is not an activity to put on the agenda of your vacation. Even when traveling, you should set aside time for yourself to stroll or take a nap. Listen to your body’s signals. Avoid putting on your dial in the morning and take the opportunity to bask a bit.


Refuse to let go

It takes flexibility to get the most out of your vacation, otherwise you risk getting stuck in a suffocating straitjacket. Face the unexpected with confidence and optimism. Just because things don’t go exactly as you planned doesn’t mean your vacation is ruined. No one is immune to rainy weather, bad nights, etc.

travel too far

It can be pleasant to travel the roads during the holidays, but remember to coordinate your journeys so as to avoid traffic jams (entrances and exits) of the cities, to tie them with the times of nap of the children and to decorate them with activities to amuse the little ones (games, musical lists, films on tablets, etc.).

Plan your PMS by keeping a calendar.

Anticipate the return from the start

Doing a countdown before you leave is a great way to visualize the happiness that is on the horizon. But if you start your vacation telling yourself that there are only 14 days left before returning to work, you are darkening your sky unnecessarily. So savor the present moment and don’t think too much about the return!

Conversely, think about your next vacation by choosing one of these destinations where you must go before you turn 50.

Taking photos and videos drains your phone's battery.

Compare your vacation to those of others

If you’re always staring at your phone, you might see your friends’ vacation photos and they’re causing you a lot of trouble. The round of comparisons begins! And you fall into a negative cycle: the competition to know who is having the most wonderful vacation. Immediately stop comparing yourself to others and live YOUR vacation to the fullest.

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Reduce your payment installments

Book at the last minute

Some think that’s how you’ll get the best deals. However, you are more at risk of making a bad choice or of having to take the only destination that remains. Be careful, you are not always winners. Better plan a little more!

DEET is a powerful mosquito repellent.

Not guarding against nature

Unprepared against the onslaught of nature? You might curse and claim that nature was against you during your vacation. Protect yourself against insect bites and sunburn. And make sure you have everything you need to prevent… and cure!

Pack all the bags the night before

Of course, you had a thousand things to do before leaving, but neglecting the preparation of your luggage is a mistake. In the nervousness and haste, detours to the pharmacy for oversights and last-minute laundry, you will pack your suitcase in a hurry. You may even have the nasty feeling (or intuition!) that you forgot something…

A great way to get smarter: find answers to your questions.

Do not ask yourself THE only valid question

Before going on vacation and even before making a single reservation, you have to ask yourself ONE important question: “what kind of vacation do I need AND want this year? “. Don’t be fooled by those from last year: you may not be in the same physical and mental state. You may need more rest and less expatriation.


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