Discover 40 dream trips to escape winter

Put your nose to the winter spleen, the cold and the snow by browsing through our list of dream trips that are ideal for escaping winter. From the Canary Islands to Fiji, via Bora Bora or Ecuador, discover our ultimate guide to the most beautiful destinations to explore during the cold season.

Discover these dream trips to escape winter.

Dream trips: 40 destinations to escape winter

Do you feel overwhelmed by the “blues” of winter? Lack of sun making you grumpy? Revitalize your spirit and leave winter behind with these most beautiful destinations and dream trips to discover during the winter season.

If you can’t travel this winter, follow our tips for surviving the seasonal blues.

Note: Before you go on a trip, make sure you research your destination. In particular by consulting the Travel and Tourism site, designed by your conuntry, to travel safely and fully enjoy your trip.


Bali, Indonesia

The beaches of Bali are dreaming. Very lively, the seaside life of this island will charm you with its energy and all the activities for the family.

All the coasts of the island have their particularities, from the majestic sunsets, to the waves of surf, passing through splendid landscapes.


Galapagos, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands archipelago has famous and fascinating wildlife. These 22 islands are home to giant iguanas, century-old turtles, dozens of bird species and even more exotic fish. The beaches and the sun will also live up to your expectations.



Take advantage of your stay in Argentina to soak up its European influences. Also discover the superb museums, architecture and neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, including La Boca. Many sites and activities are not to be missed, including the Iguazù National Park, the Quebrada de Humahuaca valley… not to mention wine tasting around Mendoza! At the start of the year, the average temperature is mild, around 25°C.

Better Better

Better Better

Bora Bora is an island in Tahiti famous for its turquoise waters and luxury hotels. However, you will find a roof to put on your head, regardless of your budget. Lagoons, volcanoes, exotic fish and houses on stilts: what are you waiting for to trade winter for a dream vacation by escaping to Bora Bora?



Valparaiso is a top destination in Chile. A model of colonial architecture, it is not only its attractive landscapes. The city is renowned for having inspired several artists, including the Nobel Prize for Literature Pablo Neruda, who lived there. 115 kilometers west of Santiago, Valparaiso is the ideal place to escape the cold season, while soaking up a historical and artistic atmosphere.



Belize is a diving paradise. Less known than its neighbors in Latin America, the country has everything to please the most adventurous, as well as the most cautious. The deserted beaches are still there and you will find enough to satisfy your desire to spend a warm winter, with an average temperature of 24°C in February.

Canary Island.

The Canary Islands: a breathtaking destination

With over 1,500 kilometers of stunning coastline, Spain’s Canary archipelago offers an abundance of inviting sandy beaches just waiting for you. Say goodbye to seasonal depression and hello to constant sunshine and postcard landscapes. Relax in the water while tasting one of the exceptional wines made from indigenous grape varieties, or, for visitors who crave adventure, visit the edges of the islands’ imposing volcanoes. The warm weather and the hospitality will make you forget all about your return home and the Canadian cold.


Krabi, Thailand: a perfect dream trip to forget about winter!

The Krabi region offers breathtaking landscapes. You can find crowded beaches or little corners of paradise that seem to have been forgotten where you can admire the view in peace.

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Take a boat to Ko Phi Phi Island to escape to magical lagoons. You can snorkel and see friendly tropical fish!


Phuket, Thailand: a dream sun destination

The Phuket region is Thailand’s most popular beach destination. You will find white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, many gourmet restaurants, activities for all tastes and for the whole family and you will forget the grayness and the cold, guaranteed!


Brazil: an unmissable dream destination

A trip to Brazil is the perfect way to spice up the winter season. This Latin American country is as warm and welcoming as its temperatures. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer size of the Christ the Redeemer statue that towers over Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy the famous beaches and vibrant nightlife of Búzios and explore the stunning Amazon rainforest.

Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is the sun destination of choice to escape the winter. If your schedule allows it, you won’t want to miss the famous Rio Carnival. Note that these festivities take place every year, but on different dates from one year to another, during the 4 days preceding Ash Wednesday.


Salvador de Bahia

Located about two hours by plane from São Paulo, Salvador de Bahia has marvels of Renaissance architecture. There are also countless beaches where you can enjoy the more than mild temperature during the winter.

Cape Le Grand National Park, Australia: a unique sun destination

Lucky Bay is part of the Cape Le Grand National Park and is about sixty kilometers southeast of Esperance. The white sand beaches and the panoramic landscapes will make you forget the winter cold. Here you can go surfing, hiking and swimming.


Australia: a dream trip to forget the winter weather

Turn to a trip to the antipodes of winter weather. Australia is immersed in the languid heat of summer. Enjoy an Australian barbecue or picnic and appreciate the temperature which can reach around 25°C in February.


Yallingup, Margaret River, Australia

250 kilometers south of Perth, the village of Yallingup offers spectacular scenery. The impressive waves and the turquoise color of the water will dazzle you. Several vineyards are also in the region and you can taste good local wines there.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is ranked second in the world – behind the United States – as the world’s most popular shopping destination. Grab a bargain in a souk, or get your credit card working in Dubai’s many designer boutiques. To unwind after a long day of therapeutic window shopping, pamper yourself in your hotel spa or in the sun by the pool. In February, the average temperature is 25°C. Do not hesitate to pass by the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world!



The “land of smiles” invites visitors to discover Buddhist temples, picturesque islands and diverse wildlife. Savor a festive meal of Thai-style stir-fried noodles and skewers on a sunny beach. After the meal, rent a kayak and paddle leisurely along the coast. In February, the average temperature is 28°C.

South Africa.

South Africa: a dream trip for its fauna and flora

In winter, South Africa basks in all the brilliance of its summer. Reconnect with warm temperatures and endless sunshine that will give you new holiday memories. See giraffes, elephants and zebras during a hot air balloon safari. Swim around underwater wrecks in Knysna Lagoon, zipline over beautiful South African landscapes, or play with lion cubs at Ukutula lion park. Visiting “haunted” places, sunny beaches and whale watching make South Africa a unique destination. At the beginning of the year, the temperature is usually between 23°C and 30°C.

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Barbados offers warmth, relaxation and beauty. Swap your bulky winter boots, the scarf and the Canadian one for an appointment with your summer wardrobe. Barbados welcomes its visitors with plenty to see and do. Discover the many historic houses on the island, explore its mysterious caves or simply relax on the beach.



A dream destination all year round, Hawaii is simply exceptional in winter. With its temperatures of 26°C, you can go surfing, volcanic exploration or attend a luau. Fancy a solo getaway? Lahaina in Hawaii is one of the  top 10 cities for solo travel.

Honolulu, Hawaii.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, of which Waikiki, the best known, will not fail to dazzle you. Located on the southeast coast of the island of Ohahu, Honolulu is wonderfully placed to offer breathtaking sunsets.

Big Island.

Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

With the Volcanoes National Park, Big Island will impress you with its spectacular views of the still active volcanoes and with its hikes on amazing craters.

Located on the south coast, you will also find, just outside the park, Punaluu beach, a black sand beach where many sea turtles live.



Nestled in the warmth of the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers more than spectacular beaches. The island offers plenty of activities for thrill seekers, including snorkeling, bungee jumping, sailing and deep-sea fishing. And history buffs prepare to be spoiled. Cyprus is the cradle of many cultural and religious monuments, relics of a sacred past. If all you want is a white sand beach and the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean at your feet, Cyprus enthusiastically delivers that. Thrill seekers, these  chilling photos of abandoned places around the world , including one in Cyprus, will thrill you.



Although it has recently been in the throes of significant financial difficulties, Greece remains a breathtaking destination. If its temperature is colder during the winter season (between 8 and 15°C in February), the sublime country is full of history and wonderful landscapes that are certainly worth the detour.

The Cyclades, Greece.

The Cyclades, Greece

The Cyclades archipelago has 24 inhabited islands in the middle of the Aegean Sea. The small fishing villages, the small ports and the very particular architecture that is present there will seduce you for sure.

Learn about each of the islands and visit a few to discover Greek culture.


Athens, Greece

Athens is the capital of the country and is sure to impress you. The famous ancient stone monuments and all the history that these buildings carry make the city a destination of choice for all lovers of culture and history.

The temperature is cooler there than in the islands, but is certainly more pleasant than in Quebec and Canada!

Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is an island in the Caribbean Sea which it shares with Haiti. Several activities are available to you in the Dominican Republic. Whether you prefer lounging on the beach, venturing into the jungle or scuba diving, the Dominican Republic is a must-visit sun destination.



Exoticism is at its height in Indonesia, where the temperature is around 26°C during the winter season. The jungle of Sumatra, the volcanoes of Java and the surprising beaches will seduce you for sure.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and is populated by people practicing several religions.



The beaches, the history, the archaeology, the ancestral temples, the museums, the jungle, the blue lagoons… Mexico is certainly one of the most popular sun destinations in winter, with comfortable temperatures between 21 and 23°C.

Mexico is home to temples and pyramids dating back to the time of the Mayans. Spice up your vacation by visiting one of the most mysterious monuments in the world. 

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Tulum in Mexico.

Tulum, Mexico

The paradisiacal beaches of Tulum will charm you for sure. Located on the east coast of Mexico, you can get there in a two-hour drive from Cancún. The hotels there are less populated and you will certainly be charmed by the beauty of the landscapes and by the history of the Mayan peoples who have lived there for millennia.

Acapulco in Mexico.


Acapulco is a very popular resort town in Mexico. Located on the west coast of the country, you will find magnificent beaches and landscapes with impressive rocks.



You will find all kinds of offers from travel agencies for the winter in Cuba. The reputation of Cuban beaches is second to none. You just have to enjoy it, no matter which one you choose.

In Florida.


In Florida, you will certainly find something to cheer about. The beach is inviting, there is no shortage of restaurants and the activities offered will keep you entertained throughout your vacation.

Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

The country has several beaches where you can stay. All coasts have their particularities and you can choose according to your preferences. Costa Rica is full of great adventures. You will be able to see century-old turtles, active volcanoes and islands more marvelous than each other.

French Polynesia.


Tahiti is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, in French Polynesia. The postcard landscapes are impressive and intoxicating. The white sand beaches and the radiant sun will warm your heart.



Fiji’s reputation as a sun destination par excellence is well established. But Fiji is not just about its amazing beaches. Its fauna and flora are full of surprises and its culture is rich and fascinating.

The Reunion Island.

The meeting

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion is under French authority. The island offers exceptional beaches, volcanic and mountainous landscapes, fascinating traditions and a culture to discover.

The Guadeloupe.


Guadeloupe, which is also part of France, is located in the Caribbean, in the archipelago of the French West Indies. Famous for its majestic beaches, the seven islands that make up Guadeloupe are also perfect for scuba diving enthusiasts and the volcano that dominates the landscape will appeal to geology enthusiasts.

San Francisco.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco has a truly unique vibe. Its cooler temperature during the winter period, almost 12°C, is quickly forgotten when one admires the splendor of the architecture and the historic districts of the city.

New Orleans.

New Orleans

New Orleans is renowned for its rich and sought-after musical life. The historic French Quarter is also very popular, and Creole culture and voodoo continue to mystify tourists.

New Zealand.

New Zealand

Discover the splendors offered by New Zealand, known for its breathtaking landscapes. While enjoying its mild temperature, let yourself be carried away by the exoticism of its fauna and flora.

Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

A stay in Las Vegas is like the city: larger than life. You will be dazzled – or amused – by the excesses of the gambling city. the performances of a certain Cirque du Soleil. 



Tunisia has a lot to offer its visitors, which makes the country an essential destination for those who wish to forget the winter season. Despite a colder temperature in winter with its 13°C in February, its superb mountainous landscapes and its rich culture will make you fall in love.

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