Discover 5 tips to prepare for moving abroad

Normally, a move is a big event, which requires a minimum of organization and anticipation. It is indeed a real change in a life, which cannot be improvised. When the move in question is planned for a foreign country, the steps are even more important and long, it is therefore necessary to plan everything well so that on D-Day, everything is operational. Here are some simple tips to apply if you are in this situation.


  • 1) Find an international mover
  • 2) Be aware of the price
  • 3) A meticulous organization
  • 4) Take stock of the administrative procedures
  • 5) Take into account the distance of the move

1) Find an international mover

Moving abroad is not common, and traditional movers are not necessarily qualified to help you in your efforts. It is for this reason that it is best to turn to a company that specializes in this kind of move, which is a bit out of the ordinary. To do this, nothing could be simpler: you just need to request several quotes from different companies in order to find the service best suited to your request, as well as the most attractive price.

2) Be aware of the price

You probably guessed it: moving abroad represents a cost , which should not be underestimated, at the risk of facing an unpleasant surprise on the day of the big departure. To really find out about the prices of international removals , you must first of all know what the volume of your objects is . Indeed, depending on the volume, the price can sometimes change completely.

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3) A meticulous organization

As said before, a move abroad cannot be improvised. So you cannot decide overnight that you are going to change your life to go and live in another country. The same goes for packing your stuff , which you should start as soon as possible. This is also the perfect opportunity to do some sorting at home, and thus get rid of objects that will no longer be useful to you in your new life. A good way also to lower the bill by reducing more or less the total volume of your objects.

4) Take stock of the administrative procedures

As you can imagine: making the decision to go live abroad requires completing a lot of administrative procedures. For example, you must agree on a fixed date , which corresponds both to your departure and to the time when your belongings will leave. You have to make sure that you stay as short as possible without all your belongings, some of which are probably essential to you on a daily basis. It is also essential in the context of an international move to take out moving insurance , which will allow you to be covered in the event of a problem during the move.

5) Take into account the distance of the move

Unsurprisingly, moving abroad has a cost , which can go from simple to double depending on the destination in question. Inevitably, the further you go from France, the more you risk paying dearly for your move . Of course, if you go outside of Europe , the price can become important. Finally, you should be aware that depending on the country of destination, you may pay more or less high customs fees .

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