Discover 8 tips for traveling by bike in good conditions

You love cycling and this time you want to go on an adventure even further for a stay lasting several weeks. But traveling by bike is quite an organization! Indeed, it is necessary to choose the right equipment, but also its destination and its route in order to avoid complications. Here are some tips to help you organize and enjoy your first trip on two wheels.


  • 1. Do not neglect your equipment and travel light
  • 2. Choosing the right bike
  • 3. Determine your circuit and the period to leave
  • 4. Download must-have apps
  • 5. Avoid taking public transport
  • 6. Organize for housing
  • 7. Adapt your pace
  • 8. Schedule rest days

1. Do not neglect your equipment and travel light

As with any trip, it is important to choose your belongings wisely. But for a bike trip, the problem is that you have to avoid carrying too much stuff so as not to overload the bike . Too much weight could put a spoke in your wheels and make you more tired. That’s why it’s better to settle for the bare minimum . To carry your belongings, you can opt for two side panniers  or for a small trailer attached to the back of your bike. In both cases, we advise you not to exceed the 20 kg load.

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In addition to everything you need for your comfort and your health, don’t forget all the useful equipment for the condition of your bike. Make a list beforehand so you don’t miss out on anything essential!

2. Choosing the right bike

The choice of bike is essential for the success of your trip! Prefer to invest in a bike that will last your whole life rather than opting for the first comer who will give up after a few weeks… The key words for the purchase of your bike and its equipment are ” lightness ” and ” solidity ” . .

3. Determine your circuit and the period to leave

Before leaving, it is important to choose your destination, but also the period in which to travel. For a successful cycling holiday, it is important to take certain criteria into account. First of all, make sure that the roads are adapted to your bike , but also to your level  when choosing your destination. If you are a beginner, do not try to go to a country where there are almost only mountains. Also, think about your safety and go to a place where you do not risk much by sleeping outside in a tent. The last criterion, and not the least, is that of the season. Check well before booking your transport that the season is pleasant in the chosen country, that is to say without too much rain, cold or heat.

4. Download must-have apps

Some applications can be very useful to you during your trip. That’s why it’s better to upload them  and create accounts there. Here are some examples of platforms suitable for this type of adventure:

  • Warmshowers
  • Ride with GPS
  • Whatsapp
  • Google Translate
bike trip

5. Avoid taking public transport

Traveling with a bike is very cumbersome , which is why we advise you to avoid transport such as train, bus or plane. If you go abroad, you can very well rent a bike on the spot by informing you well in advance. If you absolutely want to travel with your own bike for comfort reasons, use transport only outward and return. Once there, you can leave your bike in a place of trust if you want to go to places that are not easily accessible by bike and simply visit on foot.

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6. Organize for housing

Depending on your destination and your budget, several solutions are available to you for accommodation. It is preferable to organize in advance in order to respect your budget, but especially not to find yourself in delicate situations. Even if you plan to stay in hotels or private homes, still take a small tent and sleeping equipment with you just in case.

7. Adapt your pace

If you’re not used to cycling long distances, don’t panic. Start slowly without putting pressure on yourself and then adapt your pace over the days and weeks.

8. Schedule rest days

We know that the purpose of a bicycle trip is to ride a bicycle. But for your health and also so that you can visit certain places more in depth, plan at least one day off per week.

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