Discover Ajaccio and its surroundings: 10 sites to discover first!

South Corsica is full of places more incredible than each other! Bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Ajaccio is undoubtedly one of them. It is indeed a city full of charm that you will not regret having come to visit. To convince you, here are the 10 must-see sites in the city and its surroundings.


  • 1- The Sanguinaires Islands
  • 2- The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
  • 3- The National Museum of Maison Bonaparte
  • 4- The beaches of Ajaccio
  • 5- The port
  • 6- Place de Gaulle
  • 7- The Customs Trail
  • 8- The Genoese district
  • 9- The Cupulutta park
  • 10- The library Fesch

1- The Sanguinaires Islands

Essential archipelago and protected natural site, these four islands facing Ajaccio are home to an extremely varied flora and fauna.

sunrise over the bloodthirsty islands
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2- The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Recognizable by its original architecture and its colorful facade, the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral is the one that welcomed Napoleon Bonaparte on June 21, 1771 for his baptism.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
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3- The National Museum of Maison Bonaparte

As you will have understood, it is impossible to visit Ajaccio without hearing about Napoleon Bonaparte. At the turn of the cobbled streets of the old town, visit his childhood home now transformed into a national museum.

3- The National Museum of Maison Bonaparte
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4- The beaches of Ajaccio

The beaches of Southern Corsica are all more beautiful than the other. You will therefore have no trouble finding one that suits you: L’Isolella beach, Trottel beach, Ricanto beach, Agosta beach, Porticcio beach… You have a wide choice!

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beach near ajaccio
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5- The port

Strolling through Ajaccio will inevitably lead you to its port. You can then admire a wide range of boats of all kinds, from the most rustic to the most luxurious!

Discover Ajaccio and its surroundings: 10 sites to discover first!
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6- Place de Gaulle

To go from the old town to the new districts of Ajaccio, you will most certainly cross Place de Gaulle. As its name suggests, you will find there a monument linked to General de Gaulle, but also a statue of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte on his horse and his four brothers (photo below).

the square of gaulle
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7- The Customs Trail

An essential hike in southern Corsica, the Douaniers trail invites you to discover all the Mediterranean charm and incredible landscapes.

the customs trail
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8- The Genoese district

Although Ajaccio is the most touristic city in southern Corsica, it has not lost its charm. Stroll through the small narrow streets and between the colorful facades of the Genoese quarter, the oldest in the city, and let yourself be carried away by its Italian airs.

old town of ajaccio
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9- The Cupulutta park

Located about twenty kilometers from Ajaccio, the A Cupulutta park, which means turtle in the Corsican language, is a turtle sanctuary of nearly 3 hectares. It is home to more than 170 species and 3000 animals from all over the world.

A Cupulutta park
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10- The library Fesch

Classified as a historical monument since 2011, the municipal library of Ajaccio is a real gem. Made of walnut woodwork, it is made up of three rooms, including the main one which houses nearly 40,000 books!

Library fesch
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