Discover Algiers: 5 cultural activities to do in the white city

Algeria is particularly attractive to tourists from all over the world thanks to its fabulous scenery. But its capital is also very attractive, especially from a cultural point of view. It is not for nothing that Algiers is nicknamed the “white city”. As you walk through its streets, you will indeed realize that the vast majority of its buildings are of this color. You will certainly appreciate the alliance between the sea and this architectural style. If you want to orient your stay in such a way as to discover the cultural places of this capital, this article is for you!


  • 1. Visit the Kasbah
  • 2. Go to the Martyr’s Memorial
  • 3. Admire the Basilica of Algiers
  • 4. Go to the Algerian Museum of Fine Arts
  • 5. Take a walk in the Hamma trial garden

1. Visit the Kasbah

The Casbah of Algiers is a district of the Algerian capital. In Arabic, “casbah” means “citadel”. In fact, the district owes its name to the fact that the citadel was in this place before. Its history is very rich since this citadel was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman city called Icosium. The Casbah of Algiers has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. On your way there, you will discover impressive monuments dating from the 17th century, including several mosques. Unfortunately, the Kasbah of Algiers is in places in very poor condition. We have also been able to observe fatal collapses there not long ago. Work needs to be done to remedy this.

Algiers casbah baths
Credits: Wikipedia

2. Go to the Martyr’s Memorial

This monument, which is easily spotted in the city center of Algiers, is a memorial in homage to the chahids who fought and died in the Algerian war. This was built in 1982, 20 years after the event.

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Martyr's Memorial, Algiers
Credits: Wikipedia

3. Admire the Basilica of Algiers

This Roman Catholic church is both impressive for its architecture and location. Indeed, it was built on a cliff about 120 meters high and overlooks the sea. Its architectural style diverges from what we are used to seeing in Algiers. It was imagined in the 19th century by the Frenchman Jean-Eugène Fromageau.

Algiers basilica
Credits: Wikipedia

4. Go to the Algerian Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is one of the great must-sees in the country. It allows you to discover impressive collections of works from the Maghreb and all of Africa. There is something for all artistic tastes since there are sculptures, paintings, decorative art and even antique furniture.

Discover Algiers: 5 cultural activities to do in the white city
Credits: Wikipedia

5. Take a walk in the Hamma trial garden

After visiting the National Museum of Fine Arts, treat yourself to a good time by strolling through the El Hamma trial garden. It was founded in 1832 and today includes a zoo, a French part and an English part with a total of more than 3000 plant species. It is therefore a very pleasant place to rest or simply enjoy a moment with family or friends.

El Hamma trial garden
Credits: Wikipedia

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