Discover Borobudur, one of the largest Buddhist monuments in the world

The Buddhist site of Borobudur is on the volcanic island of Java, Indonesia. It has several monuments, including one of the largest in the world of its category. In the middle of the mountains and the tropical jungle, this site is simply magical. Discover the characteristics of this temple and the practical information for a successful visit.

All about Borobudur

It was during the reign of the Syailendra dynasty on Java that the Borobudur temple was built in the center of the island. This one was built more precisely between the 8th and 9th centuries in height, around a hill of the valley of Kedu. It is composed of three floors with a pyramidal base  and at the top a gigantic stupa .

Borodur Temple, Indonesia
Credits: Flickr

Further east on this same site are also two small temples. The first is that of Mendut  which represents Buddha accompanied by two Boddhisattvas. The second is the smaller temple of Pawon  which does not reveal the deity they wished to represent.

The temple was created in order to use it as a Buddhist temple and was therefore used as such until between the 10th and 15th centuries. The Borobudur temple was thus abandoned with the decline of Buddhism, until its rediscovery in the 19th century. Since then, it has been restored in the 20th century and is today a Buddhist archaeological site, but also a high place of tourism on the island of Java. The monument has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991.

Discover Borobudur, one of the largest Buddhist monuments in the world
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Visit this religious and historical site in Java

To optimize the visit of this remarkable site, prefer to go there very early in the morning. On the other hand, access to the site at dawn is higher than the rest of the day, but it is well worth it. To do this, meet at 4:30 am at the entrance to the Borobudur site. This tour schedule is perfect for avoiding the crowds. In addition, it is less hot there and above all, the colors are magnificent. Once you are hoisted to the top of the temple using lamps to dispel the darkness, you will watch the day dawn little by little. You will see slowly appearing the temple, the stupas, but also the jungle around you. Once the day is completely up, go back down the steps and contemplate this building and its statues of Buddhas from below.

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It is in the same region that the Hindu temples of Prambanan are located . It is possible to visit the two sites in the same day, because only fifty kilometers separate them.

Borobudur, Indonesia
Credits: Wikimedia Commons


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