Discover Cappadocia and its valleys of wonders in Turkey

Right in the heart of Turkey, Cappadocia is culturally stunning. Its landscapes dug by erosion and volcanoes make this region a real gem. Traveling friends, you will revel in its tasty wines, its troglodyte houses, its buried cities, its fabulous canyons from a hot air balloon… Do not hesitate any longer, treat yourself to an unparalleled stay by choosing Cappadocia, we detail its essentials without delay.

Many tourists go to Istanbul, the sublime metropolis separated by the Bosphorus Strait! However, Turkey has many other treasures to offer and more and more intrepid curious people are heading towards Cappadocia. You will certainly be seduced by its picturesque landscapes populated by Byzantine churches close to dwellings carved into the rock. So take a few days to stroll through this region of Anatolia with a continental climate.


  • Goreme Valley
  • Pasabag Valley
  • The city of Urgup
  • The village of Uchisar
  • The village of Ortahisar

Goreme Valley

First of all, go to the Göreme Valley. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, discover its rock churches such as Elmali, Saint Barbara and Tokali. They are laden with artistic creations, you will find sublime frescoes in particular made from lapis lazuli in the Tokali church.

Unique in the world, this valley will amaze you with its “fairy chimneys” carved into the rock, its canyons of Ihlara and Soganlı. The Göreme Valley is definitely impressive and you may have the pleasure of staying in its underground cities (Ozkonak, Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı).

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goreme valley
Credits: equinox/Pixabay

Pasabag Valley

Emblem of Cappadocia, the Pasabag valley also offers these famous “fairy chimneys”, cones more than 15 meters high topped with cylindrical hats. It is also called the valley of the monks because of its secret hermitages dug by the monks in the 10th century in the middle of the vineyards.

Move a few kilometers further and discover the Cirque de Zelve and its troglodyte dwellings. The cliffs that you will have the pleasure of observing are absolutely memorable.

Credits: Mario555/Pixabay

The city of Urgup

Stop at Urgüp! You will take the opportunity to savor the local specialities: the lamb stew served and cooked in a pot or even a galette of egg and cream covered with honey (the ballı gözleme). Don’t miss the böreks (cheese and spinach puff pastry), the famous hummus and above all, the wines of Cappadocia . This region is particularly renowned for its vines.

Head to the top of Wishing Hill to admire the view. The climb is very accessible and we even advise you to stop at the café at the top (if it is not too windy that day). Also, the old town will offer you ancient alleys and beautiful Greek villas.

Credits: ustafoto/Pixabay

The village of Uchisar

Known for its citadel, this village is rich in beautiful walks. Climb to the top of the citadel (15 minutes climb), it will allow you to have an exceptional view of the whole valley. You could especially go there for the sunset , the visit will cost you three Turkish liras.

Do not miss the walk in the valley of Pigeons . This is a pleasant hike that connects Uçhisar and Göreme. For about two hours (for 3 to 4 kilometers), you will pass by beautiful churches (Kadir Dümuş, Karşı Bucak and Yusuf Koç) and contemplate the typical landscapes of the region.

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Discover Cappadocia and its valleys of wonders in Turkey
Credits: Hans/Pixabay

The village of Ortahisar

This village is still little frequented by tourists, a criterion that may be important when choosing your circuit. You will thus have the pleasure of circulating in this lemon-producing region without too many people around you. Find traditional houses built into the rock, we appreciate the authenticity of this small country town.

You can also visit its castle , where you will also see the second castle in the area in the distance: that of Uçhisar. It will be necessary to be a little agile to go up because certain places require that one climbs them a little. This ascent is therefore not recommended for young children, as well as for people who suffer from vertigo.

Credits: uzeyir50/Pixabay

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