This extraordinary island is located off the coast of Australia, in the Bass Strait, in the southeast of the country. It belongs to the Wilson Promontory National Park, in the state of Victoria. It is also nicknamed “Skull Rock” or “Rocher du Crâne” because of its shape, which may recall that of a real human skull found during archaeological excavations or the orbit of an eye and a nose.

This huge rock is 130m wide, 60m deep and 60m high . Located in the middle of the ocean, a platform placed halfway up is completely covered with a beautiful green meadow. Unfortunately, access to humans is prohibited . However, it is an advantage for the fauna and flora that have developed there. Birds, especially cormorants, have taken up residence there.

The shape of the island and its vertical walls make it impossible for boats to tie down the slightest. Nevertheless, the few people who managed to get there report having discovered cannonballs. But these are only rumors that surround this mysterious and beautiful place.

Despite everything, the island is observable from an island which is not far from there. You can always approach it by boat and observe the first cave which is located at the height of the sea. But perhaps the absence of human presence is a good thing which makes it possible to preserve this pearl which is in the middle of the sea. ‘Pacific Ocean. If you want to observe this little beauty, here is the location of the island.

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