Brittany is an increasingly popular destination, particularly for its lush natural landscapes, but also for its mild climate. If there are a lot of breathtaking places to discover in this region of France, the Crozon peninsula is absolutely worth a look! This small piece of land provides access to magnificent landscapes including heavenly beaches. You will certainly find it hard to believe you are in France!


  • An idyllic place to enjoy the ocean
  • The highlight of the show: Morgat beach
  • A cultural destination

An idyllic place to enjoy the ocean

It is not for nothing that the Bretons are so proud of their region. Many are unaware that there are magnificent beaches with turquoise water in Brittany. However, there are indeed. By going to the Crozon peninsula, you will discover exceptional panoramas between the white sand, the blue of the sea and the colors of the vegetation. It is also the ideal place to take beautiful and more or less long walks while enjoying the iodized air.

crozon beach
Credits: Jeanne Menjoulet

The highlight of the show: Morgat beach

Impossible to go to the Crozon peninsula and miss Morgat beach with its turquoise waters! This small beach is located in a cove surrounded by cliffs. Its particularity is an arch formed in the rock which makes the places even more heavenly. For a moment, escape to this beach and forget everything else. You will certainly have no trouble doing so, given the incredible setting in which you will be. You can also practice a nautical activity such as paddle or kayak to discover this beach seen from the ocean.crozon cove

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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A cultural destination

If the Crozon peninsula is pleasant in summer to take advantage of its exceptional setting, it is also pleasant in winter thanks to its extraordinary charm. Indeed, the landscapes remain just as impressive and you can take more time for the cultural aspect of the place. During the winter period, the landscapes are similar to those that can be seen in Scotland, it is to tell you how magnificent it is!

crozon menhir
Credits: Wikipedia

The Crozon peninsula has several menhirs, the most impressive of which is that of Lostmarc’h, which dominates the ocean. We advise you to stop there to contemplate this mysterious stone, but also the panorama that accompanies it.

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