Discover Dubrovnik: immersion in its old town and its surroundings

With the opening of tourism in Croatia and its surroundings, some nuggets have been revealed. Among them, we find the city of Dubrovnik and more particularly its oldest part surrounded by ramparts. It’s hard to resist the charm of this city which stands out for its forts, its walls, its pretty orange-coloured roofs, but also the turquoise sea that surrounds it. Discover the essentials of Dubrovnik and its flagship activities.


  • Appreciate the beauty of Dubrovnik from above
  • Walk the streets of the old town
  • Go on an excursion on the Adriatic Sea

Appreciate the beauty of Dubrovnik from above

It is possible to admire the city even before entering it. On the road that connects Montenegro and Dubrovnik airport, a spot designed for tourists allows you to stop and admire the plunging view of the old town, the port and the sea. After climbing a few steps, the panorama will allow you to get an overview of the city and understand its configuration. Also, you can simply admire the scenery and take your first shots of Dubrovnik.

Another possibility allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of Dubrovnik. This is Mount Srđ which overlooks the city at 405 meters above sea level. It is possible to reach it by cable car from the city center, on foot or by car. Many say this is the best vantage point from which to view Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

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Walk the streets of the old town

After entering Dubrovnik, we advise you to immediately go to its old part. Indeed, the rest of the city is not necessarily worth the detour compared to the old town . To enter the old quarters, you will have to cross a drawbridge , which will put you directly in the atmosphere of the place. It is from there that fans of the famous Game of Thrones series will be able to feel at Port-Réal!

Credits: Unsplash/ Markus Clemens

To visit the one that was built under the name of Ragusa in the 7th century , nothing better than to walk around it. Thus, you will discover at your own pace the various narrow streets and many buildings that make the charm of Dubrovnik. Unfortunately, much of the city was destroyed twice in 1667 and 1991 due to natural disaster and then war. Thanks to extensive renovations, Dubrovnik has regained its former appearance and calm. The old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  will enchant you with its unique atmosphere and its hidden corners.. At the bend of an alley, you can for example refresh yourself on the terrace of the Buza bar in front of a magical setting.

Go on an excursion on the Adriatic Sea

To push your visit to Dubrovnik even further, do not miss the excursions offered at rather reasonable prices. By boat or kayak , you will be taken to discover Dubrovnik and its surroundings on the Adriatic Sea . From the small port of the old town, many programs are offered. In fact, you are bound to find one that meets your expectations. During this ride, you will get a closer look at Lokrum Island which is only a few meters from land. If you wish, it is even possible to bathe there or to visit it in order to know its history which dates back to the 11th century.

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Discover Dubrovnik: immersion in its old town and its surroundings
Credits: Pixabay

This excursion on the sea will also be an opportunity for you to observe the marine fauna . It is very dense in this part of Europe. In addition, it is easy to observe thanks to the very clear color of the sea. If you stay a little longer in the region, know that there are many other islands around . However, they are all as beautiful as each other.

The sea, an authentic old town full of charm, sunshine and scenery worthy of the greatest films… What are you waiting for to visit Dubrovnik and fall in love with its mad charm?

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