Discover Everland Resort: Grand Amusement Park Tour

Everland Resort is a leisure resort located in Yongin , near Seoul , South Korea that features a theme park , zoo , water park (Caribbean Bay), and hotels. The site is run by the Samsung Everland Group , a subsidiary of Samsung . The entrance ticket also allows you to visit the Ho-Am art museum located next door.

Eagle Fortress

The amusement park 

The mascots on the summer parade float

The park is divided into 6 distinct themed areas;

  • Global Fair – The area dedicated to shopping, stalls and restaurants.
  • Zoo-Topia – The zoo
  • European Adventure – Thematic area on Europe
  • Magic Land –
  • American Adventure – Thematic area about America
  • Caribbean Bay – water park , requires additional entry ticket


Discover Everland Resort: Grand Amusement Park Tour
Herky & Timmy’s Racing Coaster
Rolling X-Train
T Express

Sensational attractions 

Championship Rodeo
  • Championship Rodeo – Breakdance de Huss Rides
  • Double Rock Spin – Top Spin de Huss Rides
  • Great Adventure of Columbus – Rocking Boat from Intamin
  • Hurricane – Frisbee by Huss Rides
  • Let’s Twist – Mondial Top Scan ride
Great Adventure of Columbus
Space Tour Car

Other attractions

  • Ball House – Ball Pool
  • Bumper Car – Bumper Cars
  • Castle of Oz – Palace of Laughter
  • Crazy Limo – Huss Rides
  • Dancing Airplane – Zamperla ‘s Crazy Plane ride
  • Disco Round
  • Festival Train – Train of Chance Rides
  • Flash Pang Pang
  • Flying Elephant – Carousel
  • Flying Rescue – Tower de Preston & Barbieri
  • Global Village – Scenic Boat from Intamin
  • Helicycle – Monorail in the shape of helicopters, model Pedal car
  • Kingdom of Cars
  • Lily Dance – Demolition Derby by Zamperla
  • Magic Swing – Rockin’ Tug de Zamperla
  • Mystery Mansion – Mack Rides Interactive Scenic Ride
  • Peter Pan – Music Express de Mack Rides
  • Robot Car – Carrousel
  • Rotating House – Mad House de Mack Rides – 2006
  • Royal Jubily Carrousel – Carrousel
  • Sky Dancing – Gerstlauer Dancing Pavilion
  • Skyway – Poma Chairlift _
  • Space Fighter
  • Space Tour  : Giovanola Flight Simulator
  • Space Tour Car – Ferris wheel
  • Spooky Fun house – Palace of laughter
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The Zoo

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