Discover French Polynesia: the breathtaking panorama of Cook’s Bay

It is not common to hear of Cook’s Bay. However, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes that it is possible to see on this planet. All the conditions are met on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia to spend an unforgettable moment. Indeed, the turquoise water, the mountains with lush vegetation or the pineapple fields as far as the eye can see should mark you forever.

A French island more than 15,000 km from mainland France

It is in French Polynesia and more particularly 17 km from Tahiti that Moorea is located, also nicknamed “Sister Island” by the locals. With its large rocky peaks, it is possible to compare this island to a large natural cathedral. You will discover traditional villages, but above all an extraordinary nature in which you can attend to many occupations. In a Polynesian atmosphere between pretty flowers, greenery, colored waters and corals, you will discover this open-air playground as you see fit. On foot, by bike, paddle or quad, this ecosystem will make you forget all your problems. In addition to that, it is a small paradise for surfers who come to have fun in this extraordinary setting. In summary, there is no excuse to resist the charm of this island!

Moorea Island, French Polynesia
Credits: Wikipedia

Pao Pao or Cook, one of the most beautiful bays in the world

If we call Cook today, it is obviously because the famous explorer of the same name passed through there in September 1777. Nevertheless, his original name is Pao Pao and some still call him that. In addition to this historical side, this bay impresses for its colors, its shapes and its ecosystem. Mounts Rotui and Toheia which culminate respectively at about 900 meters and 1,207 meters dominate the place. This bay is huge and gives us the feeling of being very small next to it. It is for all these reasons that boats from all over the world come to moor in Cook’s Bay. For a few minutes, a few hours or for a longer stay, these grandiose landscapes will amaze you. It is also an opportunity to visit pineapple plantations and taste the local products from these farms to fill up on exoticism. A road not far from this bay is also called the pineapple road!

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In addition, you will find all types of accommodation in Cook’s Bay. Between small more traditional structures and large hotel complexes, there will necessarily be something for you.

Discover French Polynesia: the breathtaking panorama of Cook’s Bay
Credits: Wikipedia
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