Discover Germany: where to stay in Hannover?

Don’t know where to sleep in Hanover? Discover the best neighborhoods to stay in this beautiful German city!


  • Mitte: the historic city center
  • Oststadt: the neighborhood to sleep in Hannover
  • Linden North
  • Döhren Cube

Capital of the Land of Lower Saxony, located on the banks of the Leine river, Hanover is one of the largest cities in northern Germany, the third after Hamburg and Bremen . The German city has nearly 532,000 inhabitants for an area of ​​204 km².

Known for being a vibrant student city, Hannover is home to several higher education institutions. It is also an important economic and industrial center in Germany, which hosts renowned fairs and shows every year, thanks to its exhibition center, the largest in the world! The beautiful German city has a preserved historical heritage. Its cultural life is very varied, thanks to numerous museums and theatres. The most beautiful tourist attractions of the city are its Old Town of course, as well as the Marktkirche (the market church), the semi-artificial lake Machsee or the Landtag. A red thread route (4.2 km) allows you to visit the 36 main tourist attractions of the city center in the same walk. By following it, you are sure not to forget anything!

Because it hosts a number of international and national fairs, the city has a great supply of accommodation. Accommodation in Hanover will therefore not be complicated. However, choosing the right neighborhood is essential to be sure to make the most of the city. We therefore invite you to discover the best areas to stay in Hanover!

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Mitte: the historic city center

Mitte district, Hannover

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – ChristianSchd

To stay in Hanover, nothing better than to have accommodation in Mitte: the city center. It is the best area to access the city’s tourist and historical attractions, such as the famous Marktkirche or the Town Hall. In Mitte there are also many museums, such as the Historical Museum, which traces the history of the city from the Middle Ages to the present day.

For lunch, dinner or partying, the Mitte district is also perfect: you will find many restaurants and a multitude of bars where you can have fun after dark!

For your accommodation in Hannover in Mitte, no worries. This district being the most attractive, the housing offer is abundant and even sometimes cheap.

Oststadt: the neighborhood to sleep in Hannover

Quartier Oststadt, Hanover

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons – ChristianSchd

The Oststadt district is just behind the main train station. This is an excellent area to stay in Hanover. You are close to the city center, which makes sightseeing easy, and close to the main train station. So you don’t have to carry your luggage through the entire Old Town on the way there and back – if you come by train or if Hanover is just a stopover on a long trip to northern Germany.

This district is also glued to the Eilenriede park: a veritable forest in the city, nicknamed the “green heart of Hanover”. This park is perfect for strolling and relaxing after a long visit to the Old Town.

Linden North

District Linden-Nord, Hannover

Credit photo: Facebook – Lindwurm – Bar & Stage

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For accommodation in Hanover, Linden-Nord is also a good option. This district has a more authentic atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town. For your accommodation in Hanover, we advise you to favor the area between Linden Nord and the Von Alten Park. Public transport will easily take you to the historic center as well.

The area is especially appreciated for its nightlife, with excellent and friendly bars such as Lindwurm or Bar Añejo. Linden-Nord is also full of nice little restaurants, to discover during your visit to Hanover!

Döhren Cube

District Döhren-Wülfel, Hannover

Photo credit: Facebook – Daniela Haase

If you come to the beautiful German city to attend one of the many fairs that take place at the Exhibition Center, Döhren-Wülfel is the perfect area to stay in Hanover. From your accommodation, you can easily access the Park on foot, without having to use public transport.

For visits to the Old Town, however, allow 20 minutes by public transport.

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