Discover Huanglong and its limestone pools in China

Visit to Huanglong National Park

For those who want to discover China , marvel at 100% natural beauty, you must go to the Songpan district, in the north of the Sichuan region, to Huanglong more precisely.

This site has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992 and this national park with its incredible turquoise water basins seems to be suspended at an altitude of more than 3000 m.

huanglong basins china


The Huanglong area includes many peaks that are covered with eternal snow. In addition to its timeless glaciers, there are a wide variety of forest ecosystems that can be found with so-called spectacular karstic formations, huge waterfalls and hot springs.

Covering an area of ​​nearly 60,000 hectares, this site is both a geological and a physical curiosity : in addition to its forests, the diversity of the fauna, it is the waterfalls, the terraces, the travertine lakes, the waterfalls, and the limestone outcrops that catch the eye. Huanglong Valley is quite compact; it is surrounded by three dizzying peaks, a station being placed at the entrance to the valley to control access. Outside a demarcated area, one often encounters Tibetan monks walking with their herds.

huanglong basins china

See the Yellow Dragon

If we had to give a translation of Huanglong, it would be that of “Valley of the Yellow Dragon” because of the shape of this sacred animal that the valley presents from the sky. Actually, the Huanglong Valley consists of seven valleys that span more than 1300 km².

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One of the most impressive parts is surely the Huanglong Valley , nicknamed the eye of the dragon, and which offers the most beautiful limestone basin: indeed, the water changes from turquoise blue to emerald green, offering a spectacular unreal, fantastic. Some also call it Huanglong Five Color Pond.

huanglong basins china

Huanglong is simply an unforgettable place , a supernatural setting and all those who have come so far exclaim in the same way: it is an incredible chance to see this in your life!

huanglong basins china
huanglong basins china
huanglong basins china
huanglong basins china

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