Discover Iceland in all its beauty!

Iceland, a magnificent and isolated island on the edge of the Arctic Circle, offers you its marvelous landscapes. If you are looking for wild nature, calm and breathtaking landscapes, you have found your destination.

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  • Landmannalaugar et Thorsmörk
  • Husavik
  • The hot springs

Landmannalaugar et Thorsmörk

The striking landscapes of this country will enchant you on foot, by car or even on horseback! Iceberg glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes… many marvelous places await you. Like Landmannalaugar, a place well known to hikers from all over the world where you can make one of the most beautiful treks in the world in 3-4 days and where you will have to cross rivers and streams. He joined Landmannalaugar at Thorsmörk. The place is difficult to access and overall, a 4 x 4 is highly recommended for your roadtrip on this rugged island with very few paved roads.

Landmannalaugar Islande
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You can also go whale watching in Husavik, for example, which is the whale capital of Iceland. From this city you can take a boat for a sea excursion to meet them and approach them in their natural habitat.

Discover Iceland in all its beauty!
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The hot springs

The many hot springs are also a strong point of Iceland, the most famous is that of the blue lagoon, it remains an essential outing, because very pleasant although very touristy. You will undoubtedly find other hot springs where it is possible to bathe during your journey with certain accommodations. Don’t forget to admire the geysers like Strokkur, the most active in Iceland!

hot springs Iceland
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