Discover Jánošíkove diery and Veľký Rozsutec – a trip to Mala Fatra in summer and winter

Would you like some tips for a nice trip, even with children? Go to Slovakia. Read about how to get to know Mala Fatra and the Jánošík holes, which you absolutely must not miss! If you are attracted to these mountains and want to experience the best of them in one day, then this article is perfect for you.

One-day trip to Mala Fatra – Jánošíkove diery and Veľký Rozsutec

The Malá Fatra Mountains are the closest Slovak national park to us. You can get here by car from Ostrava in about 2 hours. The best way to get to Hotel Diery is by car (bus stop Terchová, Biely Potok hotel Diery). If you don’t want to pay for parking , you can leave your car a little further along the road. We follow the blue sign towards the Podžiar signpost. After a while, the bridges and footbridges over the Hlboký potok begin. But you will be most excited by the narrow rock gorge , which you can walk through directly above the river. We are on the clock in Podžiar and we are just behind Dolné diery. Those who feel like it can take advantage of the refreshments offered here. But you’ll be so excited about hiking that you won’t want to stay long and you’ll be happy to continue on. Plus, we’ll be back here.

We continue along the blue path towards Sedlo Medzirozsutka. The Upper Holes are waiting for us, which are full of ladders along waterfalls , crawl spaces, etc. You might be a little afraid, but it’s really worth it. Children in particular will be delighted here and forget that they have to walk uphill. This section should not take you more than 2 hours. It is good to be here already in the morning or early in the morning, because on nice weekend days, holidays, etc., a lot of people go here and in some places there are queues.

Hurray for Rozsutec

Sedlo Medzirozsutce is an ideal place for a snack break. About 150 m before the saddle there is a spring with water on the left. We have more options to choose from to continue. Either go to the 1344 m high Malý Rozsutec or conquer the impressive Velký Rozsutec (1610 m above sea level). Of course, both are best. It is a short distance from the saddle to Malý Rozsutec. After a red and then a green sign, you are there within half an hour. Although the summit looks indomitable from the saddle, the opposite is true. The route includes a short climbing passage in which metal chains are provided for assistance . However, adventurous people can do without them. Attention! During the rains, the rock is very slippery and is really only for experienced hikers. The reward for a little effort is the beautiful views of the surrounding hills and valley.

If you want to see the whole ridge of Malá Fatra NP, you have to go a little higher for the views. To climb Velký Rozsutec, we have to return to the saddle by the same route. The path down the rock gully is a bit more difficult, but it is easy to manage. If you’ve had enough, you can walk down the green from M. Rozsutka straight to your car. At the beginning, the descent is a little steeper, but after a while it becomes classic hiking. The ascent to Velký Rozsutec is exclusively a tourist matter. The route follows the red marker all the time and is slightly exposed only in the final part. In an hour and a quarter, the person is upstairs. The views are really wonderful , with good visibility you can even see Lysa Hora. After a well-deserved break, a sharp descent awaits us in the Medziholie Saddle. In some places, the route is secured with chains.

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I’ll be there soon

In the saddle, we have basically already won, the most challenging part is behind us. You can get water here, the spring is about 100 m towards the sign below Rozsutcom. Now we have to go down the green path to the village of Štefanová . The route is not difficult at all, but one is already a little tired. In the village, we can have refreshments in several restaurants. With new energy, we set out for the final part of the route. Following the yellow road through Sedlo Vrchpodžiar, we come to Podžiar, where we were already in the morning and we can treat ourselves to something else in the local hut. Now all you have to do is walk down the blue road through Dolné diery to the car. Once again we enjoy the beautiful gorge, cross the last bridge and we’re done. At the end, we can cool off our tired feet in the stream and head home full of wonderful experiences. How about crossing the entire > Mala Fatra next time <?

Discover Jánošíkove diery and Veľký Rozsutec – a trip to Mala Fatra in summer and winter

Practical information


  • Terchová, Biely potok, Hotel Diery → Podžiar (↑ 200 m ↓ 0 m; 2 km; 0:50 h)
  • Podžiar → Sedlo Medzirozsutce (↑ 500 m ↓ 0 m; 3 km; 1:50 h)
  • Medzirozsutce saddle → Malý Rozsutec → Medzirozsutce saddle (↑ 130 m ↓ 130 m; 1.5 km; 1 h)
  • Medzirozsutce saddle → Velký Rozsutec (↑ 400 m ↓ 0 m; 1.5 km; 1:10 h)
  • Velký Rozsutec → Sedlo Medziholie (↑ 0 m ↓ 430 m; 1.2 km; 0:25 h)
  • Sedlo Medziholie → Štefanová (↑ 0 m ↓ 550 m; 3.5 km; 0:50 h)
  • Štefanová → Terchová, Biely potok, Hotel Diery (↑ 150 m ↓ 220 m; 3.5 km; 1:20 h)
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Total: (↑ 1350 m ↓ 1350 m; 16.2 km; 7:25 h)

This route is very nice and thanks to the variety of ladders, footbridges and views, it will quickly pass you by. We recommend leaving between 8-9 in the morning to avoid crowds of tourists and possible queues. The entire route is intended for advanced hikers who already have something in their legs. For beginners or families with children, it is advisable to go up through the holes to Malý Rozsutec or just Sedlo Medzirozsutce. You won’t be rushing anywhere, but you’ll still see a lot and enjoy a wonderful day full of adventure . We go like this almost every year and we still don’t get tired of it. The trip can also be done in winter, but it requires a bit of experience, as it is more dangerous.

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