Discover Marrakech: the most beautiful addresses in the red city

For several years, Marrakech has been a highly coveted destination for the French. Appreciated for its nameless charm, the change of scenery it provides and its breathtaking architecture, the red city amazes its many visitors every day. Pleasant throughout the year, you can do many activities there without ever getting tired of it. Here are some beautiful addresses to discover in Marrakech for an even more magical stay!


  • For housing
  • To eat or drink tea
  • To walk
  • To do shopping

For housing

As far as accommodation is concerned, Marrakech is renowned for its many riads. You will find hotels like you find everywhere at more reasonable prices, but we advise you to spend at least one night in one of these traditional Moroccan townhouses. Built around a patio, most of the time with a garden or a swimming pool, these buildings will give you the secrets of the oriental style. Between mosaics, typical and fashionable decorations, a short or long stay in accommodation of this kind is always a good time out of time.

  • Riad Dar Kawa
  • Riad Tarabel
  • The Mamounia Palace
  • Riad AnaYela
  • Riad Dar Zennou
  • Hotel and Spa Riad El Walaa
  • Rias Alwachma
  • Riad Numa
  • Gem Riad
Riad Marrakech
Credits: Unsplash

To eat or drink tea

As you probably know, we do not mess with food and tea in Morocco! Do not expect to respect your diet by organizing a stay in Marrakech, at the risk of frustrating yourself. Between couscous, tajines, Moroccan breads, spices and delicious teas, allow yourself to taste almost everything, just for the pleasure of your taste buds. For the more festive among you, don’t panic, you will also find good addresses of all kinds to enjoy good cocktails.

  • The Nomad
  • The garden
  • The Barometer
  • Dar Zellij
  • The Red House
  • Counter Darna Marrakech
  • Manzil the Turtle
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beautiful address Marrakech
Credits: Unsplash

To walk

Under the beautiful sun of Marrakech, you can lose yourself for hours exploring pretty places. To see it all, you will need several days, patience and plenty of water. But the game is worth the candle, you will discover a contrast between the different facets of the city, namely the calm and the tumult.

  • The Yves Saint Laurent Museum
  • The secret garden of Marrakech
  • Jemaa el-Fna and the medina
  • The Majorelle garden
  • Gallery 127
  • The Marrakesh Museum
  • The Saadian tombs
  • The Koutoubia Mosque
  • Bab Agnao
  • The Ben Youssef Mosque
Discover Marrakech: the most beautiful addresses in the red city
Credits: Unsplash

To do shopping

It is difficult to go to the red city without bringing back souvenirs for your loved ones and yourself. When you are told Marrakech, you first think of the Jemaa el-Fna square and you are right! Although this destination does not stop there, you can admire this giant brothel and its culture. But when it comes to shopping, you will also find nuggets in other corners of the city.

  • The LRNCE showroom
  • The Museum of Contemporary African Art AL Maaden
  • The Chouaris souk
  • The medina of Marrakech
  • The Lup 31 showroom
Marrakech: The Most Beautiful Spots in the Red City
Credits: Unsplash

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