The Faroe Islands are an archipelago which is a country attached to the Kingdom of Denmark. It is in the North of the Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Norway, that it is possible to discover 18 magnificent rocky islands. These are known to be very wild and authentic. In this article, we introduce you to the village of Mikladalur on the island of Kalsoy.

The Faroe Islands are characterized by rural and coastal landscapes, as well as by its dense seabird population. If you like destinations that are out of the ordinary and allow you to discover “another world”, we strongly recommend this travel. Between breathtaking hikes and nights under the stars, this experience should mark your spirit.

A peaceful place with a traditional atmosphere

On your way to the Faroe Islands and more particularly to the island of Kalsoy, it would be a shame to miss the village of Mikladalur. If this one is worth the detour, it is not only for its beauty, but for its charm and its soul. Indeed, there is a very pleasant local atmosphere. What is practical with small villages of this kind is that you will go around them quickly and you will easily see all the must-sees.

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If Mikladalur attracts travelers, it is in particular thanks to these houses characterized by their black coating and their grass roof. Indeed, you will not be able to see this type of dwelling anywhere else. Also, its church, easily recognizable by its shape and colors, adds an exceptional cachet to the place. But what makes the destination unmissable is obviously its extraordinary environment in the middle of cliffs, greenery and the ocean.

A land of legends

History and legends are central to the traditions of the Faroe Islands. That’s why you can learn a lot wherever you go.

In the village of Mikladalur, you can admire the statue of the name of  Kópakonan , “the seal woman”. It was installed there recently, namely in 2004. It is linked to a dark local legend. According to the beliefs of the archipelago, the seals were once humans who returned once a year to the earth in order to remove their sealskin and regain human form. One of the villagers of Mikladalur stole the skin of one of these women and forced her to stay on earth and marry him. After several years, she fled and then returned to the sea. In revenge, the villagers then went on a seal hunt to kill her new family. Later, she returns to Mikladalur to cast a curse on the men of the village.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Summer or winter, the Faroe Islands and the village of Mikladalur will allow you to discover magnificent landscapes, but above all a culture that is still very authentic. So, you like it ?

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