Discover Montenegro, the essentials to convince you to visit this beautiful country

Montenegro is not yet on your list of dream destinations? It is that you are certainly unaware of all the potential and the charm that this country has. Indeed, Montenegro is a destination where you feel good and in which there are many places to discover to be amazed. Let us convince you to fly to Montenegro through 6 great must-sees of this territory between nature and ancient cities.

Montenegro is a Balkan country located between Croatia , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. Montenegro was born very recently, in June 2006 and does not belong to the European Union for the moment. These reasons may explain why mass tourism is currently less developed than in Croatia, its neighboring country. Yet Montenegro also has some lovely landscapes and a culture worth discovering.


  • The fortified town of Kotor and its magical surroundings
  • The seaside resort of Budva
  • Durmitor National Park
  • Le mont Lovćen
  • Lake Skadar on the border with Albania
  • The impressive Ostrog Monastery

The fortified town of Kotor and its magical surroundings

Not far from the border with Croatia is Kotor and its famous fortified town. In addition to being full of charm thanks to its old buildings, this city has the particularity of being located in an extraordinary setting since it is inside the largest southern fjord in Europe. The mouths of Kotor are well worth the trip. On the agenda: hikes in the reliefs near the Adriatic Sea, visit of the old town of Kotor, detour through the small fishing villages, etc.

Credits: Wikipedia

The seaside resort of Budva

Located about forty minutes from the city of Kotor, the seaside resort of Budva is the ideal destination after a short stay in the fjord. After a short visit to the old town, all you have to do is admire the breathtaking view and relax by the turquoise water. Indeed, many beaches, each as magnificent as the other, surround the city. You can discover in this same region the unusual village of Sveti Stefan which is actually a small peninsula on which there are several dwellings.

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Budva in Montenegro
Credits: Flickr/Nicolas Vollmer

Durmitor National Park

This park is located inland, not far from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been listed as a UNESCO heritage site since 1980 for its beauty and natural wealth. Indeed, the Durmitor National Park includes vast forests, canyons, caves, lakes, but also glaciers on which it is possible to practice winter sports. In short, this park surprises its visitors, no matter the time of year.

Credits: Flickr/ Nicl Savchenko

Le mont Lovćen

It is not only for the beauty of its panoramas that the Lovćen National Park is so famous. This one has a real historical symbolism since it is at the top of this mount that is the mausoleum of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, the founding king of this state. Before venturing there, it is important to know that the climb is quite sporty since you have to climb about 80 meters in height. But the efforts are almost all forgotten once at the top of the mountain as the view is beautiful.

Mount Locven, Montenegro
Credits: Flickr/Martin Pilkington

Lake Skadar on the border with Albania

Lake Skadar also called “Shkodra” straddling Montenegro and Albania is the largest in the Balkans. It is located in an eponymous national park created in 1983 with the aim of preserving this magnificent place. Much appreciated by nature lovers and more particularly by people who practice ornithology, it is possible to observe many species of birds, some of which are rare.

skadar lake
Credits: Pixabay

The impressive Ostrog Monastery

You may notice it through your trip to Montenegro, but the local people are very religious. A large majority of them are Orthodox Christians. Some churches are very impressive and really worth seeing. In the center of the country is the monastery of Ostrog. Its construction in the 17th century in the heart of the rock makes it unique today. It is still a place of pilgrimage dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog, because its relics are kept there, hence its name.

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Discover Montenegro, the essentials to convince you to visit this beautiful country
Credits: Flickr/Grigory Gusev

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