Discover Mount Yoshino and its thousands of cherry trees, Japon

Most visitors to Japan want to catch a glimpse of the famous pink flowering trees that contribute to the country’s good reputation. To see the cherry trees in question with your own eyes, you not only have to go to Japan at the right time, but also go to the right place. Mount Yoshino is the best place to marvel at a unique panorama that is almost entirely pink.


  • One mountain, 30,000 cherry trees
  • A very spiritual place
  • Some images that will make this destination unanimous

One mountain, 30,000 cherry trees

Within the Nara prefecture in Japan, the small town of Yoshino-yama offers its visitors a wonderful experience. A mount of the same name as the city overlooks the traditional buildings and there are no less than 30,000 cherry trees. Contrary to popular belief, there are hundreds of varieties of cherry trees, 200 of which are planted on Mount Yoshino. These trees bloom in the spring, an event the Japanese call Sakura . Unfortunately, this period lasts very little time, it can happen that the cherry trees are in bloom only for 1 to 2 weeks in some years. In addition to admiring nature that will make you live a waking dream, you can discover typical monuments of the country such as a large copper torii which marks the entrance to the mountain.

If tourists appreciate this escapade during their trip to Japan, it is also because this place allows them to get out of the huge Japanese cities and “breathe”. Even if it is possible to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo for example, observing them in a rural context is even more impressive! If you are planning a trip to Japan in the spring, we therefore advise you to book at least one night in this region near this mountain, which is one of the most beautiful in the world!

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A very spiritual place

We can consider the Japanese Mount Yoshino as a place at the crossroads of cultures and beliefs. Indeed, there are about ten Shinto and Buddhist temples and also shugendô. In fact, if Mount Yoshino is as we present it to you today, it is thanks to an ancient legend dating from the 7th century. This one says that a shugendô master would have had visions of Zaô Gongen there., a Shinto-Buddhist deity who can take on several appearances. To remember this day and this place that have become symbolic, he built sculptures in cherry wood. Since then, thousands of offerings of this tree have been made. Some thus characterize Yoshino as a sacred mountain. This is why every year, many religious people make pilgrimages to this place in Japan.

Some images that will make this destination unanimous

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