Located in the Atlantic Ocean between Miami and Cuba, the Bahamas archipelago inspires dreams thanks to its idyllic characteristics. Indeed, when we think of this country, we immediately think of a heavenly place in which to live. If you too think this, know that you are not mistaken. Find out everything you need to know before considering a trip to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas on the island of New Providence.


  • A real white paradise
  • A very marked culture
  • The threat of mass tourism

A real white paradise

The main reason tourists venture to the Bahamas is for the white sand beaches. Indeed, they extend as far as the eye can see on the different islands of the archipelago. Nassau is also well served and you can discover beautiful places there. Some beaches are very well preserved and allow you to rest in peace. In addition, simple masks and snorkels will allow you to observe various marine species including manta rays or dolphins!

nassau beach
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A very marked culture

In parallel with the paradisiacal side of the archipelago, the country also holds its charm to its local culture. Indeed, the Caribbean atmosphere is felt by venturing to the Bahamas and mainly to Nassau. Eh yes! it is indeed a destination that can be considered exotic. During your trip to the Bahamas, take the opportunity to discover this culture, listen to local music, take public transport or even eat typical dishes of the destination. Do not miss the conch salad (a large shell) which is a must!

Bahamian food
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The threat of mass tourism

Unfortunately, such a beautiful place could not escape mass tourism. Nassau is one of the main ports in the Caribbean so many cruise ships dock there every day. This means that thousands of tourists throng the town’s small streets and beaches daily. Alongside this, gigantic hotels have taken place on the premises.

Fortunately, the whole island of New Providence is not affected by this mass tourism and there are still many almost wild places. Moving away from the capital, you will find deserted beaches even in high season where you can cut yourself off from the world and enjoy this extraordinary setting in peace.

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Rare are the perfect destinations in which the landscapes are paradisiacal and where there are not too many tourists. However, even if Nassau and the island of New Providence in the Bahamas are affected by mass tourism, we can still consider that it is a dream destination. Indeed, its culture, its decorations, its hidden corners and its fauna will allow you to live a unique and certainly unforgettable moment.

So, does this trip tempt you?

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