Discover our 19 favorite Brazilian culinary specialties

In order to perfect your desires for Brazil, and to whet your appetite before staying there, here is our top 19 Brazilian culinary specialties!


  • To start ?
  • 1. Coxinha
  • 2. Warm green
  • 3. To be silent
  • Dishes
  • 4. Cod with cream
  • 5. Feijoada
  • 6. Fish Moqueca
  • 7. Shrimp Bobó
  • Want sweetness?
  • 10. Quindim
  • 11. Avocado jam
  • 12. Guava wraps
  • 13. Canjica
  • 14. Cocada
  • 15. Brigadier
  • To consume without moderation
  • 16. Acarajé vatapa
  • 17. Cheese bread
  • 18. Pastries
  • A little freshness, to finish?
  • 19. Caipirinha

For some, the desire to travel lies in the temptation to discover new landscapes, populations with unknown customs, architectures dating back several centuries, and to accumulate as many photos of the world as possible… For others, a good reason to travel would be to learn a new musical culture, hunt down local artists and perfect your playlists. Finally, for food lovers, traveling is above all an opportunity to awaken their taste buds! Taste new combinations of products, discover the typical dishes of each country…

It is for all these reasons that Generation Voyage now offers you to find, for multiple destinations, our travel playlist , our top of the most beautiful photos but also our top of culinary specialties !

Travel today to Brazil, where the gastronomic culture is particularly vast! Pastéis , bacalhau and other brigadeiros are honored in this top of our 19 favorite Brazilian specialties.

To start ?

1. Coxinha

Coxinha, Brazilian specialties

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Slawomir Fajer

To begin our journey of culinary specialists in Brazil, it is with one of the favorite starters that we begin… The conxinhas ! A mixture of chicken and spices wrapped in a breaded and then fried batter, conxinhas are wonderful, perfect to start the meal (or to eat at any time of the day…)

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2. Warm green

Caldo Verde, Brazil

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Iuliia Timofeeva

Caldo verde is the Brazilian version of the famous cabbage soup! A mixture of potatoes, green cabbage (preferably collard), onions and chorizo ​​to spice it all up, caldo verde is a classic of Brazilian culinary specialities.

Consumed regularly at dinner, it can be served as an appetizer or as a main course, depending on the convenience of your host!

3. Be silent

Tacaca Brazil

Photo credit: Shutterstock – beto_junior

If the tacacà does not appear as the most enticing dish at first sight, it is nevertheless one of our most beautiful discoveries of Brazilian cuisine. Prepared like a velvety soup, it is a mixture of flavors proving to be a real taste paradise. Onion, garlic and other coriander come together in a broth that is infused with cassava and shrimp.

In short, a delight.


4. Cod with cream

Bacalhau con natas - Brazilian specialties

Photo credit Shutterstock – AS Food studio

Obviously, when we talk about bacalhau , we are touching the holy grail of what we know about Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine. And for good reason, this cod-based dish is particularly appreciated for its nutritional values. Cooked simply with cream, potatoes and a few aromatic herbs, it is one of the symbols of Brazilian generosity and sharing, when the family gathers around this dish!

5. Feijoada


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Paulo Vilela

Here is another dish that symbolizes Brazilian “living together”: feijoada ! Traditionally served on Saturday lunchtimes in the restaurant, the feijoada is eaten with family or friends. A mixture of black beans and pork, and often served with rice, it is a kind of French cassoulet, Brazilian style.

6. Fish Moqueca

Fish stew

Photo credit: Shutterstock – hlphoto

Moqueca de peixe is a Brazilian specialty which, like the dishes we have presented to you so far, is perfectly representative of the country! Fish-based dish, generous and friendly, it is above all full of taste.

Based on fish, coconut milk and vegetables, moqueca de peixe is a dish directly imported from Afro-Brazilian culture, whose sweetness is particularly tasty. Its yellow color is mainly due to Dendê, an orange oil traditionally derived from African agriculture.

7. Shrimp Bobó

Bobo de camarao - Brazilian specialties

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Paul_Brighton

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To complete our selection of the best Brazilian dishes, here is our favorite: bobó de camarão ! Also called shrimp bobó, this dish can be eaten without moderation. If it could make you think of a soup, it is in fact a real main course and one of the culinary specialties of Brazil, regularly served with white rice!

Mashed cassava, tomatoes, garlic, prawns and onions combine all the flavors of northern Brazil in this dish with West African origins.

Want sweetness?

When we think of Brazilian cuisine, desserts do not immediately come to mind… However, we discover (with pleasure) that sweets are a real specialty of Brazil! Between coconut, corn, and surprising avocado, the Brazilians know how to bring a real new touch, which make their desserts real taste discoveries.

10. Quindim


Photo credit: Shutterstock – RHJPhtotoandilustration

In this dessert from Portugal, egg yolks, sugar and toasted almonds are mixed together. But that’s where all the subtlety of this Brazilian dessert lies…

Once in South America, the recipe was changed, and the almonds gave way to grated coconut! This kind of flan, excessively sweet, can be eaten without moderation, until you can no longer eat it!

11. Avocado jam

Finish twelve

Photo credit: Shutterstock – RHJPhtotoandilustration

What a surprise this abacate doce ! Crazy simple (avocado, lime and sugar), this Brazilian culinary specialty is a delight.

Consumed in cream as much as in ice cream, it is of incomparable freshness. You can enjoy it both as a dessert and at tea time.

12. Guava wraps

Brazil guava cookie

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Cantador

These little biscuits, the guava rolls, are also called “divine bites” in Brazil, and we understand why: they are divinely good!

No one can resist these melting bites, a typically Brazilian specialty, which are generally served at coffee time.

13. Canjica

Canjica - Brazilian specialties

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Dihandra Pinheiro

Do you like rice pudding? You’ll love canjica , a kind of “milk corn”!

This dish, which is usually distributed at the heart of winter festivals in Brazil, is a mixture of corn, milk, sugar and cinnamon: a mixture full of sweetness!

14. Cocada


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Cassiano Correia

Here is one of the most appetizing delicacies in Brazil, which you can find especially in the heart of the markets. This small Brazilian culinary specialty is particularly sweet, since it is composed only of water, coconut and… sugar!

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Originating from the African continent, cocadas can be enjoyed throughout the day, accompanied by coconut water to quench your thirst…

15. Brigadier

Brigadeiro - Brazilian specialties

Photo credit: Shutterstock – AUGUSTO_SANTOS

What better way to end your meal than a little chocolate sweetness? For this, nothing better than the brigadeiros , a kind of truffle made of sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa, all rolled in chocolate chips.

To consume without moderation

If the Brazilian meals are a real marker of our stay, it is nevertheless the snacks , a kind of Brazilian tapas that we preferred… At the market, in the “bakeries-pastries” or in the heart of the small local shops, you will find in Brazil a multitude of culinary pleasures to delight your taste buds throughout the day.

16. Acarajé vatapa

acarajé vatapa

Photo credit: Shutterstock – AUGUSTO_SANTOS

A specialty of Bahian cuisine, acarajé vatapa are wonderful! These little donuts made from bean paste and stuffed with shrimp vatapa will inevitably attract the eyes of the most gourmet among you, when you stroll through the Brazilian markets.

The most difficult thing will be to resist the urge to taste it until you are no longer hungry…

17. Cheese bread

Pao de queijo - Brazilian specialties

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Milton Buzon

If you can find them in Paraguay as well as in Argentina, it is nevertheless from Brazil that the pão de queijo (cheese breads) originate! And if for most tourists, these delicacies are perfect as an aperitif or during a meal, know that in Brazil, they are mainly consumed… At breakfast, with a good coffee!

18. Pastries

Pastel Brazil

Photo credit: Shutterstock – sockagphoto

If pastéis are the last Brazilian culinary specialty that we present to you, they are nevertheless our favorites! Stuffed with meat, cod or melting cheese, these little donuts will add a little more sunshine and warmth to your Brazilian stay!

And here again, it is in the markets that you will find the best! In Brazil, they are also commonly nicknamed pasteis de feira (fair pasteis), because it is here that you will have to taste them.

A little freshness, to finish?

19. Caipirinha

Caipirinha - Brazilian specialties

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Paulo de Abreu

Time to party, with the caipirinha! Consumed mainly in bars, restaurants and nightclubs, this Brazilian cocktail is a delight. Pour a little cachaça, sprinkle with cane sugar and a zest of lime, and you get a sweet drink, which will undoubtedly spice up your Brazilian evenings.

But don’t panic, you can also enjoy it on Brazilian beaches, all day long…

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