It is in Turkey, not far from the famous spa resort of the 2nd century BC. J.-C. of Hierapolis, that is the castle of cotton or “ Pamukkale ” in Turkish. This place is both splendid and surprising. These two sites were also jointly listed as UNESCO heritage in 1988.

Pamukkale is a set of natural pools formed from rocks, limestone and salt not far from an underground volcano. Initially, hot water of up to 45°C flows from a total of 17 springs on the mountain. The water temperature is due to underground volcanic activity. These waters have a high rate of mineral salts and carbon dioxide. It is thanks to natural chemistry that these components are subsequently transformed into white matter which is deposited and then hardens until it forces these famous baths.

This is therefore a unique geological site in the world that it is interesting to see at least once in your life.

pamukkale cotton castle
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A phenomenon caused by earthquakes

Tectonic movements are very frequent in this region, and they are responsible for the appearance of the 17 hot springs. These earthquakes are still disturbing them today. Thus, some springs sometimes dry up, while others appear.

A key tourist site in Turkey

Cotton Castle is a hotspot for Turkish tourism. Indeed, it attracts many visitors each year, for several reasons. First of all, as mentioned earlier, Pamukkale is a unique geological site which therefore attracts followers of this science as well as the curious who like to discover what our planet has in store for us. Also, the landscapes are simply breathtaking. You will not see this impressive scenery with pure colors anywhere else in nature. In addition, bathing in a natural pool with such a view is a very pleasant experience.

Some tourists come from elsewhere mainly to swim, but not only to take a dip. Indeed, the waters of Pamukkale would have very good virtues for human health. The substances contained in the water would have the ability to treat certain rheumatism, skin diseases, fatigue, but also gynecological disorders. To optimize the chances of healing, others even drink this water in addition to bathing in it.

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