Discover Poland: your guide for a stay in Krakow

Krakow, the former capital of Poland, has it all. For just a few days or a slightly longer stay, you will always find something to do in this city. In summer as in winter, you will discover all the charm of Krakow through all these unmissable points of interest and more “secret” places. If you’re not sure where to start, this guide should help you get organized.


  • A visit to a place that has sadly marked history: Auschwitz
  • Wawel Castle
  • Rent a bike and ride around the city
  • Getting inside the Wieliczka Salt Mines
  • Visit Oskar Schindler’s Factory
  • Discover the artistic side of Krakow
  • Get out of the city and venture into the Tatra Mountains

A visit to a place that has sadly marked history: Auschwitz

The notorious Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp is about 60 kilometers from Krakow. Used during the Second World War under the authority of Hitler, it was the scene of what is until today one of the greatest catastrophes of humanity. Indeed, more than a million people died there in a very short period of time. Right now the place is like frozen in time. It is possible to visit these places to understand the history and realize the extent of this slaughter. If you are not transported to Poland, many shuttles go back and forth to Auschwitz. In our opinion, it is essential to opt for a guide so that this visit is truly instructive.

Auschwitz, Germany
Credits: Wikipedia

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle is undoubtedly the most visited monument in Krakow. This former royal residence is now a sublime museum. You will discover incredible architecture, but also remarkable works such as “the lady with an ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci. Near this castle, the cathedral of the same name is also worth a visit.

wawel castle
Credits: Pxhere

Rent a bike and ride around the city

As with many cities in Europe, the best way to see Krakow is undeniably by bike. These means of transport are easily found in the city at attractive prices. This way, you can stroll through the different streets of Krakow at your own pace and see more things in less time!

Getting inside the Wieliczka Salt Mines

This tourist attraction is also a must in this former capital and even in all of Poland. In addition to its historical character, this place is very impressive in its design. It is therefore impossible to miss this visit during a stay in Krakow! These salt mines date from the 13th century and were used until very recently in 2007. Their particularities are the various statues and chapels carved in salt by the workers over the decades.

Wieliczka Salt Mines
Credits: Pixabay

Visit Oskar Schindler’s Factory

You have certainly already heard of the famous film by Steven Spielberg called “Schindler’s List”. Inspired by a real story, it recounts Oskar Schindler’s act of bravery during the Second World War. Indeed, he sacrificed his life and that of his family to save the lives of thousands of Jews persecuted by the Nazis. For this, he employed them in his factory which has now become a museum. This place attracts an impressive number of visitors daily, we advise you to book your tickets in advance.

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Oskar Schindler Museum
Credits: Flickr/Fred Romero

Discover the artistic side of Krakow

During your visit to Krakow, do not miss one or more of its artistic points of interest. Indeed, Art has survived the ages in this former capital. You will be amazed in dedicated places like the Bunkier Sztuki or in the streets thanks to street-art.

Get out of the city and venture into the Tatra Mountains

To get out of the city and discover a little more of the most beautiful Polish nature, go to the Tatra Mountains. These allow you to enjoy breathtaking rocky landscapes, but also pleasant fresh air, regardless of the season. You will also be able to discover more of the culture of the country, in particular by going to small, more isolated villages.

Tatra Mountains, Poland
Credits: Pixabay

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