Discover Rainbow Mountains at Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China

China is definitely a country that has many surprises in store! Indeed, this country is home to natural wonders , some of which are less known than others. Zhangye Danxia Geological Park is little known to Westerners. However, the decor is unique with breathtaking landscapes. Have you ever seen rainbow mountains? This is what awaits you when you visit this natural site listed as a UNESCO heritage site.


  • colorful mountains
  • A site over 20 million years old
  • Visit Zhangye Danxia on video

colorful mountains

Arriving near the Zhangye Danxia Geological Park in Gansu Province in northern China, you will certainly not be able to miss the extraordinary colors of its mountains. Depending on the time and the season in which you venture there, you will not necessarily observe the same colors as other visitors. Indeed, these evolve according to the light, but also to the weather.

Every year, thousands of tourists, most of whom are Chinese, discover this park and are impressed by the beauty of this phenomenon. This site is in competition with the same type of decor in Vinicunca in Mexico, but is nonetheless unique in its kind, because the colors are not the same.

A site over 20 million years old

This landscape is not new since these mountains would have looked like this for more than 20 million years. This incredible natural phenomenon is the result of the erosion of rocks and the deposition of many layers of sandstone and minerals over millennia. Some visitors to this site even speak of a “miracle of nature”. At the same time, Zhanhye Danxia has something to impress, not least thanks to its extremely successful preservation to date. Indeed, visitors have been flocking to Zhangye Danxia only for a few years. Thus, one can wonder how this place will evolve in the future decades with climatic changes and the development of mass tourism…

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Visit Zhangye Danxia on video

In video, fly over and discover the mountains of Zhangye Danxia to see how magical this place is. You will also hear the testimonies of some tourists and a resident of the valley. After these images, you may want to fly to this destination in order to observe this extraordinary rainbow…

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