A multitude of impressive caves are found in Asia. Among them, we can find the largest cave in the world , religious sanctuaries, but also magical places. The cave “Reed Flute Cave” is located in Guilin in China. It is a site with little media coverage and yet it has many nice surprises in store for its visitors. Also called “Palace of Natural Arts”, it is a must on any trip to China.

Reed Flute Cave or in French “cave of the reed flute” was only rediscovered in the 1940s. However, it had been explored for the first time by the Tang dynasty more than a thousand years ago. Inscriptions prove their passage in this place at that time. The cave would exist for more than 180 million years. Today, it is visited every day by many tourists who have the opportunity to attend an incredible sound and light show!

An extraordinary natural place

Its name “Reed Flute Cave” is due to a local legend. There was a time when reeds grew near the entrance to this cave. It is said that it could be made into flutes that produced a graceful sound.

The surface of the cave is about 250 meters deep. Thousands of stalactites and stalagmites have formed there for our greatest pleasure. The result is truly impressive! Each rock formation has been named: we can thus find “Crystal Palace”, “Dragon Pagoda” or even “Virgin Forest”.

Despite the fact that this cave has become an important tourist site in the region, the limestone structures remain very well preserved. If you go there, be respectful of the environment you visit and avoid flashes when taking photos.

Reed Flute Cave
Credits: Pixabay

A remarkable tourist destination

In recent years, this place has been attracting more and more tourists from all over the world. And for good reason, this place is simply magical. To get there, it is possible to take a small train or walk for about twenty minutes. You will have to climb a hundred steps. There are also many stairs inside the cave. Remember to provide good shoes that adhere well to the ground. The tour of Reed Flute Cave is generally done in a little over an hour of walking. Inside, you will be amazed by a sumptuous sound and light show that sublimates the interior of the cave.

Reed Flute Cave
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