Discover Santa Fe: experience the unique atmosphere of this multicultural city

It is difficult to describe this city in New Mexico (United States) as it is unique. Thanks to its different influences and its history, Santa Fe attracts several types of tourists. Nevertheless, everyone goes there to immerse themselves in this unique atmosphere. Its surroundings are also not lacking in charm since they too are full of historic and eccentric places.


  • At the crossroads of histories and cultures
  • An atmosphere that is both traditional and trendy
  • Around Santa Fe

At the crossroads of histories and cultures

Nestled in the heart of the Rockies , more than 2000 meters high , Santa Fe is in the northern US state of New Mexico . It benefits from a temperate climate and varied landscapes. The city was built in 1607 by the Spanish , making it the second oldest in the country after Saint Augustine. In Spanish, it is called “ Villa Real de Santa Fé de San Francisco de Asus ”. In French, it means “Royal City of Holy Faith of Francis of Assisi”. Initially on Amerindian territory , the history of the city was long marked by conflicts between this people and the Spanish settlers. Moreover, the “adobe” architectural styleof Santa Fe is a heritage of the culture of the Native Americans who built under the orders of the Spaniards. Thus, majority of the buildings of this city are made from clay, water and a small amount of chopped straw.

Santa Fe, United States
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

An atmosphere that is both traditional and trendy

Far from what we are used to seeing in the United States, Santa Fe is a real cocoon for artists of all genres. Wherever you go, be it markets, museums or even “The Plaza” centre , you will discover an incredible cultural mix . Between Native American and Spanish influences , but also a more trendy and bohemian chic aspect , we can only say that the atmosphere is unique. For a day or a stay, Santa Fe should surprise you, but above all seduce you!

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Around Santa Fe

After an immersion in Santa Fe and the visit of some essential places like the Native American market or the  Georgia O’Keeffe Museum , do not forget to visit its surroundings. Don’t miss the Bandelier National Monument . Indeed, the latter is home to the ruins of the ancient Native American civilization Anasazi. Also, you will be able to discover other historical places like the largest village in the “adobe” style, Taos Pueblo , or  Pecos National Historical Park.  There are also preferred routes to discover this magnificent region in the best possible way. For example, there is the scenic routeconnecting Santa Fe to Taos via Chimayo and the one nicknamed “ Turquoise Trail ”. Both allow you to discover very typical and surprising places.

Pecos National Historic Park, New Mexico
Credits: Wikimedia Commons
Discover Santa Fe: experience the unique atmosphere of this multicultural city

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