Passionate about what he does, Xavier Portela is a photographer who learned almost everything by himself. For nine years now, he has traveled the world and shared the images he captures with us. His latest series, Dubai , is part of his Glow collection , which also includes Tokyo , Hong Kong , Bangkok , New York , Taipei , Busan , and Seoul . ” Glow is a collection of photos taken at night where the colors try to reproduce the variables that we have lost compared to the moment of the shooting, such as temperature, noise and movement. In other words: Glow is not what you saw of a place but what you remember about it ,” he explains.

Xavier Portela : “Another city entering the Glow collection. I spent a couple of days visiting Seoul, I was on a trip around Asia and I just visited Busan. The weather was so cold in December that even my last winter trip to Iceland felt warmer at the time. I didn’t have time to visit the entire city so I focused on very dense area with a lot of light and motion. I like to capture those urban choreography.”

To find out more, visit his website , Behance ,  Instagram , or his Facebook page .

“Still, his photos are a fascinating look at nightlife in the city. The buzz and energy of Seoul come alive through his work.”

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