Discover the 10 best surf spots in Lacanau, France

Not sure where to go surfing this year? So discover the 10 best surf spots in Lacanau, an unmissable destination!


  • 1. Super South Beach and the Lion
  • 2. The Alexander
  • 3. The North
  • 4. Jah Point
  • 5. The Barrier
  • 6. The Squirrel
  • 7. The South
  • 8. The Central
  • 9. Carcans Beach
  • 10. Le Porge Ocean

Year after year, Lacanau has established itself as the beacon of surfing in Gironde! Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, in New Aquitaine, this seaside resort hosts a major surfing competition every year, the Lacanau Pro, which confirms its status as an unmissable destination for any surfer. Located about fifty kilometers from Bordeaux , Lacanau has something to appeal to seasoned practitioners and beginners alike in search of their first sensations.

The Central Beach in Lacanau-Océan is well known to all surfers. It is home to many spots to discover during your stay in Gironde. You don’t know where to surf in Lacanau?

To help you find your way around and make the most of it, we show you our 10 best surf spots in Lacanau. All you have to do is put on your wetsuit and jump on your board to attack beautiful waves and have fun!

1. Super South Beach and the Lion

On Lion Beach, Lacanau

Photo credit: Instagram – surfreporter.schoolsRelated tickets/activities:France

Along the Central Beach of Lacanau-Océan, you will find many spots where to surf. In the very south, the Le Lion spot takes its name from the aid station and the road of the same name. It is also known by the name of the beach where it is located, Super South Beach. Easily accessible by car or bike, Le Lion is characterized by a multitude of changing spots. If the waves are very busy in front of the lifeguard station, do not hesitate to favor the sides to enjoy the beautiful waves in complete freedom. However, be careful of currents and baïnes before getting into the water.

Plage Super Sud and Le Lion are the wildest beaches and spots in Lacanau. As on all the beaches of the Gironde, swimming is dangerous because of the strong currents. For seasoned and experienced surfers, Le Lion and Super Sud are undoubtedly one of the best surf spots in Lacanau, especially for its quiet atmosphere, far from the tumults of the Central Beach!

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2. The Alexander

Boat wreck, Alexandre beach, Lacanau

Photo credit: Flickr – DrWNaucala

As elsewhere in Gironde or New Aquitaine, the best surf spots in Lacanau are not the most accessible! You often have to take forest paths and meander between the dunes to reach them. The Alexander is a good example. This spot is only accessible on foot or by bike.

Located to the very north of Lacanau-Océan beach, it is characterized by beautiful waves and a friendly atmosphere. Here, sharing between surfers is essential and the waves are for everyone. Trying to go inside to catch lots of waves is therefore very frowned upon! If you play the game, you can only enjoy the beautiful waves of L’Alexandre in peace.

3. The North

Surfers looking North, Lacanau

Photo credit: Instagram – weliketogetlost

Just south of L’Alexandre is the excellent La Nord surf spot. Located in front of the Lacanau Surf Club-Banana Surf Shop Café, you can attack here a long right that runs from the sea to the edge. The spot is also known for its local atmosphere and its good level of surfing. Local practitioners often come to stand in front of the Surf Club. Note that unlike L’Alexandre, this spot is easily accessible by car.

4. Jah Point

Surfing at Jah Point, Lacanau

Photo credit: Instagram – surfreporter.schoolsRelated tickets/activities:France

Located just north of Le Lion spot, Jah Point takes its name from a local surfer, who established his favorite surf spot there. Easily accessible on foot from Le Lion, this surf spot is characterized by changing waves, which are rather favorable at high tide. As at Le Lion, the general atmosphere is rather tranquil.

The Jah Point spot is also less crowded and welcomes more local surfers. This spot is aimed, like its wild neighbours, at experienced surfers. Swimming is dangerous and the currents strong. It is therefore not recommended for beginners and novices.

5. The Barrier

Surf spot in Lacanau

Photo credit: Flickr – Pretty model

Taking its name from the forest barrier that blocks access to the track, La Barrière is a well-known spot for local surfers. Only accessible on foot or by bike, it is one of the best surf spots in Lacanau. As for the spot of L’Alexandre, conviviality and sharing between surfers are the rule! You will find here a multitude of small changing spots, with quality waves.

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This spot is not recommended for beginners and only seasoned surfers should venture there. Don’t hesitate to consult the locals before setting out to attack the waves! With these precautions, there is no doubt that you will be able to make the most of the La Barrière spot, which is located a little further south of the Le Lion spot.

6. The Squirrel

L'Ecureuil, Lacanau

Photo credit: Facebook – La Gazette de Lacanau

Taking its name from the lifeguard station and the adjoining street, L’Écureuil is undoubtedly one of the best surf spots in Lacanau. Located south of Central Beach, it is known for its relative tranquility. In front of the aid station, a beautiful right rises. You will also find at L’Écureuil a multitude of small changing spots.

Many local surfers who live behind the spot come to improve their skills and enjoy the beautiful waves. A friendly and sharing atmosphere reigns here, so don’t hesitate to chat with local surfers to find out the subtleties of the L’Écureuil spot.

7. The South

South Beach, Lacanau

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If you are a beginner, it is better to start your adventure on the La Sud spot. As its name suggests, this spot is located at the southern breakwater of the Central Beach. La Sud is one of the best surf spots in Lacanau, especially for beginners. The waves are relatively smaller there than elsewhere and strongly depend on the climatic conditions.

Beginners will find here a perfect playground to improve their skills before attacking more difficult spots. In front of the South, you will find several local surf clubs that can accompany you in your discovery. For more experienced surfers, it should be noted that on the side of the southern dike there is often a left that rises with a lot of current. It is therefore better to be vigilant here if you are a novice.

8. The Central

Surfers on the Centrale beach in Lacanau

Photo credit: Wikipedia – Pierre André

The waves of the Centrale are ideal for learning to surf. It is thus one of the best surf spots in Lacanau for beginners. Many surf schools offer initiations here. Thanks to the dinghies that fix the sand, the waves are generally gently sloping and therefore safe in the event of a fall. They are also small in size, especially in summer. These points make it a perfect surf spot to practice before attacking the spots further south or further north.

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However, be careful of the currents which can be quite strong.

If you are beginners or novices, do not hesitate to consult a surf school or local surfers before you start attacking the waves. As the Central Beach is well attended, it is also recommended to be careful of swimmers and other practitioners once in the water.

9. Carcans Beach

Carcans beach, sunset, surfer, lacanau

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The best surf spots in Lacanau are not concentrated only in Lacanau-Océan! Why not attack the waves that break further north or further south? Located a few kilometers from Lacanau, the coastal town of Carcans Plage is home to excellent surf spots. Charming and still wild, the place is generally calmer and more pleasant than the spots of its neighbour. With a good atmosphere in the water, waves for everyone and often very good benches in place, you can only appreciate Carcans Plage, one of the best spots in Gironde.

As for the other destinations in the region, it is better to favor the rising tide for its surfing sessions. Beautiful rights and lefts then rush towards the beach of Carcans. The waves saturate between 1.50 and 2 meters, just like in Lacanau. As always, it is advisable to be vigilant to currents and baïnes before getting into the water and attacking the waves. Note that the center of the beach is very popular in summer, with swimmers and amateur surfers.

10. Le Porge Ocean

The Ocean Porge

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Le Porge is, like Carcans Plage, a seaside town close to Lacanau. Located on Gressier beach, the most interesting surf spot is south of Lacanau. Le Porge being close to Bordeaux, many Bordeaux residents and holidaymakers head to the city as soon as possible to take advantage of the beautiful waves that wash up there.

In summer, Le Porge is still less crowded than Lacanau and the main beach at the level of the large car park is supervised. Nature lovers will certainly be seduced by Gressier beach, the area being free of any construction except for a few shops behind the dune. So if you are looking for new spots that are a little wild or a little quiet, do not hesitate to join Le Porge Océan. With its good quality waves, it is one of the best surf spots in Gironde. Beginners or confirmed will find quality waves here to practice and enjoy.

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